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Do You Constantly Feel Tired Or Lethargic? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra Outlines The Possible Reasons

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shares the possible reasons for your constant lethargy

Do You Constantly Feel Tired Or Lethargic? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra Outlines The Possible Reasons

Lack of proper sleep can lead to lethargy

Everyone is aware of the feeling of tiredness or lethargy. Usually, it happens when you are exhausted from work. Whatever the cause, fatigue isn't a healthy sign. If it happens for a reason and you know it, that should be fine. But there are times when you feel tired for long hours and without even knowing the main cause. And when you constantly feel sluggish almost every single day, then you must know that it's something to be worried about. Through a video on Instagram, nutritionist Pooja Malhotra explains the possible reasons behind constant fatigue.

In the video, she first asks, “Do you frequently feel that you are dragging yourself to complete your day-to-day activities or your reps in the gym?” She then goes on to mention the possible reasons for constant lethargy.

As per her video, inadequate sleep, inadequate hydration, too much sugar in your diet, and too much caffeine consumption could be the causes behind your extreme tiredness. She also mentions that being on extreme starvation diets, nutrient deficiencies, or certain types of diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, cancers fibromyalgia and many more may also result in lethargy.

In another Instagram post, Pooja Malhotra highlights the need to stay healthy even during a vacation. To avoid weight gain during a vacation, she has a few tips. She says you need to follow some simple and effective tips while travelling to avoid piling on extra weight. She talks about hydrating yourself nicely while holidaying. Also, hunger pangs can hit you at any time. So, it's always good to carry healthy munchies with you wherever you go. You can chomp on nuts and seeds whenever hungry. Practice portion control and do not go overboard with your indulgences, Pooja adds. Also, you try to savour local seasonal fruits from whichever place you travel to.

Pooja Malhotra also provides tips for healthy shopping. She says that many food items with attractive packaging are misleading. In fact, such products hide more than they reveal. So, don't get confused with long words or colourful designs on the package. Just avoid such products when in the market. She also suggests that buyers must start shopping from the store's perimeter where perishables and essentials are found. However, the central aisles carry processed food items. So, if you start shopping from central aisles, you will end up taking a lot of unhealthy food items that need to be avoided. Also, never go shopping empty stomach. Male a list beforehand so that, you have a clear idea of what to buy from the store.

These small tips often go a long way in making you understand your body well.

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