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Here Are A Few Clever Grocery Shopping Tips From Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says the huge superstore aisles, offering a number of options, often leave buyers confused

Here Are A Few Clever Grocery Shopping Tips From Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra

Food items with attractive packaging hide more than they reveal

When we head to the supermarket to buy groceries, invariably, we end up buying more than we require. We tend to fill our grocery basket with various junk food items and those that we would rather avoid/ after purchasing our household necessities. So, why does this happen, and how can we prevent it from recurring? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra offers some advice on how to shop wisely. “Clever grocery shopping is more important than you think,” she says in an Instagram post. Pooja adds that the huge superstore aisles, offering us a number of options, and the labels on food packets often leave us confused.

So, here are some tips by the nutritionist for smart grocery shopping and stocking:

Food items with attractive packaging hide more than they reveal, Pooja Malhotra warns. She says food items with a long ingredients list, having words that are difficult to pronounce, colourful caricatures on their packaging are misleading and best avoided.

Pooja Malhotra recommends that buyers begin their shopping journey at the store's perimeter, where perishables and essentials (fresh produce) are usually found. Processed foods are always found in the central aisles. If you start with an empty shopping cart in the central aisles, you're bound to pick up food items that you should avoid.

Always feed yourself before shopping. An empty stomach can lead to impulsive buying of convenience foods, Pooja Malhotra adds.

It's always smart to make a list beforehand of grocery items you need. It helps save time and money and keeps you from buying unnecessary goods.

Here's Pooja Malhotra's Instagram post:

Grocery shopping can be a challenging task because there are so many options available at the supermarket. However, remember that smart shopping decisions made in the supermarkets will, in turn, lead to good and healthy nutrition at home. So, keep these tips by Pooja Malhotra in mind the next time you go shopping, whether you're simply picking up a few goods or stocking up for the entire week.

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