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Do Workouts Have Anti-Ageing Benefits? Here's What You Need To Know

Instead of using cosmetics and anti-aging creams, try workouts for anti-ageing effects. Apart from keeping your muscles and stamina strong, workout can help you stay and look younger.

Do Workouts Have Anti-Ageing Benefits? Heres What You Need To Know

Working out can actually help you stay young for longer


  1. Working out makes mitochondria powerful which helps cells work better
  2. Elasticity of fascia can prevent the early onset of wrinkles
  3. Sweating helps kill bacteria like E coli.

While you were spending a bomb on cosmetics, you never actually realized how spending a couple of hours sweating it out can help you stay young for longer. Yes, workouts could actually have anti-ageing benefits. Workouts can increase mitochondria in your body, the power centres of every cell. The more powerful mitochondria are, the better your cells work. Better cell function ensures proper collagen production which helps you look and feel younger. The adrenaline rush you get while running on a treadmill can actually bring a gorgeous pink flush on your cheeks. As per a recent study conducted in the Victoria University of Australia, the key to maximizing mitochondria levels in the body is practicing cardio. Endurance exercises can double mitochondria levels in muscles. As per the research, cycling sessions of 30-45 minutes twice a week along with a weekly walk can help boost the collagen filled layer of the skin and reveal a more youthful exterior. Besides this, regular workouts can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

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Here's how regular workouts can have an anti-ageing effect.

1. Keeps fascia firm

Fascia refers to a web of tissues which hold your muscles and blood vessels together. Firm fascia prevents the onset of wrinkles and helps you maintain youthful appearance. Elasticity in this web of tissues helps you maintain a youthful appearance for longer years. Workouts help in building muscle's anti-ageing memory.

2. Lowers stress and helps maintain a youthful appearance

Workouts can help you reduce your stress levels to quite an extent. It helps in maintaining a safe level of cortisol in the body. Due to this stress-relieving effect, exercising can help you maintain a youthful appearance. Stress can increase sebum levels in your body, thereby resulting in acne breakouts. Spike in cortisol levels can also break down collagen in your skin. These can be prevented with regular workouts.

4q6f3engWorkout helps in maintaining a safe level of cortisol in the body
Photo Credit: iStock

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3. Antibacterial effects of sweat

Sweating can be quite annoying, but it is important for you. This necessary evil has antibacterial properties which helps you open up the pores and clean what has been stuck inside them. However, it is important to wash your face and body to close those pores again. As per recent studies, sweat has antibacterial properties which can kill bacterium like E coli.

hno5v3g8Excessive sweating has anti-bacterial properties

4. Increased production of myokines

When you exercise, your body releases myokines, a substance which enters the bloodstream and kick starts the cell function process. It is an in-depth look at what actually happens when blood flow is increased and fascia is flexed. In a study, people who started exercising late and had no workout out for a long time also experienced significant improvement in the quality of their skin.

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5. Increased blood flow

Improper blood circulation can also speed up the ageing process. Regular workouts boost blood circulation in your body which helps flush out cellular debris from your body. Accumulation of such debris can rob you of a youthful appearance. You can also think of your workouts as a natural cleansing process.

d0snaajConsistent workout boosts blood circulation in your body
Photo Credit: iStock

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