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Ditch Fizzy Drinks Now! Health Hazards Of Aerated Drinks You Must Know

Aerated drinks might be your daily dose of refreshment but are you aware of the health hazards of these fizzy drinks? Consumption of these drinks is loaded with health hazards. Here are some of them which you must know.

Ditch Fizzy Drinks Now! Health Hazards Of Aerated Drinks You Must Know

Aerated drinks should be replaced with healthy sugar-less drinks


  1. Aerated drinks are the worst source of sugar
  2. Skip the soda and choose healthy drinks like coconut water
  3. Aerated drinks can result in poor metabolism

Aerated drinks have become handy and are consumed on a regular basis. There are now available in different tastes and flavours which offer a variety to people. Most people consume aerated drinks for instant energy. Aerated drinks may give you a sudden refreshing effect for some time. But do you know it can affect your health negatively? The composition of aerated drinks is not beneficial for your health. If consumed in excess, these drinks can adversely affect your health. Here are some health hazards of drinking aerated drinks which may stop you from sipping them again.

Reasons why aerated drinks are bad for your health

1. Leads to weight gain

Aerated drinks can make you gain weight. You may feel more hungry or thirsty after drinking aerated drinks. These drinks are loaded with sugar which can lead to obesity. A single serving of aerated drinks will add a huge amount of calories to your diet. Unhealthy weight can further lead to many other health hazards like poor cholesterol levels, increased level of heart diseases, hypertension and many more.


Aerated drinks can make you gain weight due to high sugar and calorie composition
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2. Worst source of sugar

Too much sugar is bad for your health in many ways. Aerated drinks are considered as the worst sources of sugar. These rinks are highly loaded with sugar. A single dose of aerated drinks can lead to too much consumption of sugar. These drinks are also linked to an increased risk of diabetes. Apart from aerated drinks packed juices are also high in sugar. You should choose lemon water or coconut water instead of aerated drinks.

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3. Can slow down your metabolism

Aerated drinks are extremely unhealthy. Consumption of aerated drinks can slow down your metabolism. A single serving of aerated drinks can decrease your metabolism two times. It can further destroy fat-burning enzymes. If you are trying to lose weight aerated drinks are a big NO for you.

4. Poor dental health

Aerated drinks can take a toll on your oral health. You may experience tooth decay due to regular consumption of aerated drinks. Frizzy drinks can directly affect the enamel of your teeth which can further lead to enamel erosion. The high sugar content will also promote cavities.

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5. Increase the risk of heart diseases

You are putting your heart health at risk with every sip of fizzy drinks. The high sugar content and high amount of calories contribute to poor heart health. Soda also makes you eat unhealthy foods which also depreciate heart health. For a healthy heart, you need to skip the soda and eat foods high in antioxidants and fibre.


Fizzy drinks can put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
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