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Decoding Rahul Dravid's Fitness Mantra Post Retirement

Rahul Dravid does meditation for at least 30 minutes every day.

Decoding Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid retired from the Indian cricket team in 2012


  1. Rahul Dravid is one of the best wicketkeepers India has had so far
  2. Dravid is the coach of under-19 Indian cricket team
  3. Dravid exercises routinely to maintain a fit and healthy body

The contribution that birthday boy Rahul Dravid has made to Indian cricket is both commendable and worthy of an applause. As he turns 45 today, we can't help but remember the innumerable times that he has made the country proud. One of the best wicketkeepers that India has had so far, Dravid has 13,288 Test runs, 10,889 One Day International runs and 48 international centuries to his credits. Even after his retirement from the team in 2012, Dravid continues with his contributions by coaching the under-19 Indian cricket team.

This birthday, let's take a look at the other side of Dravid and see what his fitness and diet regime is all about.

Fitness regime

Being a sportsperson, it becomes inevitable for someone like Dravid to maintain a physically and mentally fit and sound body. The first and the foremost thing that he is very particular about is meditation. He makes sure to spend at least 30 minutes in meditation every day. This helps him in maintaining that cool composure at all times.

Another relieving activity that he engages in is playing with his sons.

Aside from this, his day starts at 6 in the morning with a nice and refreshing metabolic run. This metabolic run includes high intensity short sprints. This is a routine followed by most sportspersons across the world.

His fitness regimen also includes weight lifting. However, unlike the conventional way of weight training, Dravid prefers lifting only light weights. This helps in improving his overall flexibility, instead of body building. Body building can make the body stiff and Dravid prefers flexibility to a well-built body.

Dravid also includes Yoga and aerobic exercises in daily workout routine. He mixes his cardio sessions with yoga. Well aware of the fact that exercising gets difficult with age, the former cricketer makes sure he exercises routinely.

Diet regime

Dravid is very particular about his diet as well. He abstains from sugar and sweets, and practices mindful eating at all times. He emphasises on being well hydrated and thus drinks of lots of water and fluids every day. Keeping a watch on his daily intake of calories, he makes sure to eat only healthy.

Wishing you a very happy birthday Dravid! We wish you continue to inspire the country and many more generations of cricketers in the making. 


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