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Common Urological Problems You Should Not Ignore

Urological Problems: Urology problems are common, they need proper and timely medical attention to avoid further complications. Read here to know about common urological problems.

Common Urological Problems You Should Not Ignore

UTI is one of the common urological problems faced by women


  1. Urological problems needs timely treatment
  2. UTI is quite common these among women
  3. If left uncontrolled urological problems can lead to complications

Urology problems are extremely common and are often overlooked due to unawareness. UTI is the most common problem associated to urology. However, there are many urological diseases that need to be identified and treated early in order to avoid lifelong problems. While urology problems are common, they need proper and timely medical attention to avoid further complications. However, given the current situation, it is not always possible to visit a doctor for such problems. Some are choosing telemedicine to seek medical assistance. But initially it is important to understand the types of urological problems. Here are some of the most common urological problems that need immediate medical attention.

Common Urological Problems You Need To Know

1. Urinary Tract Infections: This is the most common yet neglected urological problem at almost everyone faces. However, it is not to be taken lightly, because if left untreated and it might lead to serious problems such as permanent kidney damage, blockages in the urinary tract. It is always advisable for both men and women to use clean toilets to avoid an infection. One should also try and keep themselves hydrated. If the situation does not subside in a day or two, one should always consult a doctor in person or through tele-consultation.


Women are more prone to UTI than men
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2. Erectile Dysfunction: This is a growing sexual problem in men and is caused due to many underlying conditions. People often shy out of discussing such problems with doctors. But right medical assistance on time can help prevent and treat the condition.

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3. Urinary Incontinence: This is a problem mostly seen arising with growing age. It is marked by loss of control on the bladder causing loss of urine unconsciously. Again, this is a situation that people try to avoid discussing with anyone due to embarrassment and image issues. People suffering from diseases like diabetes, urinary tract infection, injury to the spinal cord, and more are often seen to develop such a problem.

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Most of the urological problems are kept under wraps till the situation gets exaggerated and serious. One should always consult a doctor. One can always choose if they want to consult a doctor physically or through telemedicine depending on their preference of meeting the doctor. Right treatment on time can help control the consequences of the condition.

(Dr. Anupam Bhargava, Chairman, Urology department, Max Healthcare, and a Patron of SeekMed)

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