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Chikungunya Diet: Best Foods For Better Recovery From Chikungunya

Chikungunya affects many each year. This virus is transmitted to the body by mosquitoes. Chikungunya also leads to joint which can last for one or two months. Some foods can help in fast recovery from chikungunya. Here are some foods which you can add to your diet along with the medications.

Chikungunya Diet: Best Foods For Better Recovery From Chikungunya

Chikungunya diet: Vitamin C can help you boost immunity to fight chikungunya effectively


  1. Eat immunity boosting foods to fight effectively from chikungunya
  2. Wear full-sleeved clothes to prevent mosquito bites
  3. Add more liquids to your diet

Chikungunya is a virus which is transmitted from mosquitoes to humans. In India, chikungunya affects a huge population every year. The symptoms of chikungunya generally include fever, muscle pain, joint pain, rash, swelling around joints, headache, nausea and tiredness. These symptoms may appear after 2 to 7 days after being bitten by the mosquito. Most people usually recover from chikungunya 7 to 10 days after noticing the symptoms. But a person may experience joint pain for almost a month or more. Medications are given to control the symptoms of chikungunya. If you are experiencing symptoms of chikungunya you must consult a doctor and get yourself tested on time. Along with the medications your diet can also influence your progress. Foods which can boost your immunity naturally can speed up the treatment. Here are some foods which can help you fight chikungunya effectively.

Best foods to get relief from chikungunya

Senior dietician, Edwina Raj suggests, "Adequate fluids are necessary during viral infection to replenish fluids lost while sweating and reduce the rate of infection. Some of them may include homemade soups, barley water, buttermilk/curd, lemon water and tender coconut water. Anti-inflammatory omega-3 rich foods such as chia seeds, fish, almonds or walnuts can be used in bland soft food preparation. Also, immunity boosting foods such as amla, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, basil/tulsi, ginger, oranges, sweet lime and guava are some of the best options."

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1. Coconut water

Coconut water is refreshing and keeps you hydrated for long. It can be consumed many times a day. Coconut water is healthy and can help you flush toxins. It will also help in detoxification. You can squeeze some lemon in coconut water to enhance its taste.

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2. Foods rich in vitamin C

The better the immunity is the stronger your body becomes to fight diseases. Vitamin C rich foods are considered as the best foods to boost immunity. Citric foods are rich in vitamin C. You can eat oranges, kiwis, guavas and add more lemon to your diet.


Kiwi is a good source of vitamin C
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3. Giloy juice

Giloy juice is beneficial for both dengue and chikungunya. It can give relief from fever. You can add few drops of giloy juice to water and consume it twice a day but do not overconsume it. You can also extract giloy juice from it stems by boiling them in water.

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4. Leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are one of the healthiest vegetables which you can add to your diet. Leafy green are loaded with nutrients which can make it easier to control the symptoms of chikungunya.

5. Liquids

Liquids are the best option which can be included in your diet to recover from chikungunya. You can add liquids other than water and coconut water to your diet like soups, dal or foods with more gravy.


Eat soft diet to keep your digestion intact when suffering from chikungunya
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(Edwina Raj is a Senior Dietician at Aster CMI Hospital)

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