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Cat Stretch For Back Pain Relief: Know How It Helps And Steps To Perform This

Back pain is a common condition, especially while working from home. Regular exercise can help you prevent and control back pain. Cat stretch is one of the effective stretch you need to try. Read here to know how to perform this.

Cat Stretch For Back Pain Relief: Know How It Helps And Steps To Perform This

Cat stretch can help you fight back pain effectively


  1. Back pain can be a result of poor posture
  2. Prolonged sitting can also lead to back pain
  3. Several exercises can help you relieve back pain

Back pain is a common condition that can affect your day to day functioning. The incidences of back pain have increased during the pandemic. It is a result of long working hours and physical inactivity. Constant back pain can affect your efficiency. The good news is that you can manage back pain with simple exercises and prevention tips. Several exercises target the specific muscles which lead to back pain and give you relief. One of these exercises is the cat stretch. It is one of the effective exercises for back pain. If back pain is giving you a hard time too, here's everything you need to know cat stretch as a back pain reliever.

Back pain exercises: Cat pose for back pain

Cat pose reduces stress from the back muscles. It stretches the muscles relieving the pain. This stretch also helps realign the spine and pelvis. Grand Master Akshar, who is a yoga expert explains steps to perform this stretch-

Formation of the posture:

1. Form a table with your body by placing your palms and knees down coming on all fours

2. Keep your palms under your shoulders and your knees apart placed directly under your pelvis and in line with your palms

3. Inhale completely, as you curl your spine causing a dip in your mid-back and look upward

4. Exhale completely, as you arch your spine and look down towards your navel region

5. Inhale and exhale, curling and arching your spine alternatively at medium speed


Cat pose can help you relieve back pain, digestive issues and shoulder pain
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Other benefits of cat pose-

  • This pose stretches, strengthens and adds flexibility to the spine
  • Performing this stretch also strengthens shoulders and wrists
  • While performing this stretch digestive organs are massaged and activated, resulting in better digestion
  • This asana helps to tone the abdomen by help you get rid of unnecessary pockets of fat, slowly but surely
  • Being on your fours also improves the circulation of both blood and oxygen in your body
  • The stretching relaxes the mind and removes all the stress and strain

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