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Do Bananas And Nuts Cause Weight Gain? Heres What Health Coach Luke Coutinho Says

Luke Coutinho advised everyone to eat for their cells, body and bio-individuality. Here's another healthy snack he advised the followers to have.

Do Bananas And Nuts Cause Weight Gain? Heres What Health Coach Luke Coutinho Says

Bananas are loaded with potassium and fibre


  1. Choose healthy snacks to beat hunger pangs
  2. Banana with nuts can keep you full for longer
  3. Avoid consuming packed foods and choose whole foods

Don't fret, eating bananas and nuts won't make you fat. Instead, they will make you healthier by nourishing your cells. Many people fear that they would put on weight if they eat bananas. Well, that may not be true, says lifestyle and health coach Luke Coutinho. In an Instagram post, he outlined the benefits of consuming bananas and nuts like cashews and almonds, with a warning for those who focus only on weight loss and not cellular health. He said they are were doing it wrong and that bananas and nuts helped in protecting the body against diseases.

He captioned the post that had an image of a couple of bananas and few nuts, “No, it won't make me fat. It will nourish me, keep me full for the next 4 hours or more.”

He advised his followers to eat for their cells, their body, and bio-individuality, and said that he was yet “to come across a person who ate bananas and nuts the right way and got fat or sick”.

Coutinho asked people to be themselves and not just ape others they see on social media. “Keep it simple, keep it real. You are you,” he said and asked his followers to respect their uniqueness and “stay away from extremes”.

He concluded his post by asking his followers to choose discipline, consistency, and simplicity over extremes.

Here's the post:

Coutinho regularly advises people through his posts on social media on food that they should eat or the importance of living healthy.

A few days ago, he shared a few tips on how to clean and reset the liver and the gut. And he made the process appear simpler than we had imagined it to be. Read about it here.

Last month, in another post he told his followers about the health benefits of Cacao nibs — small pieces of crushed cocoa beans. Coutinho shared a picture of raw cacao nibs and said they could even be turned into cacao powder. He added that the product can be imported but it also grows in India. Click here to find out what he had to say.

In April, the lifestyle coach shared his views on powerful micronutrients, known as trace minerals, that are connected to humans' appearance, glow in the skin, hair, heart health among others. Click here to read what he had to say about the impact of the deficiency of micronutrients on our bodies.

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