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Fasting Can Help Rejuvenate Your Liver And Gut Health, Here’s How

For a healthy gut and liver, the trick is to fast for 12 hours from sunrise to sunset.

Fasting Can Help Rejuvenate Your Liver And Gut Health, Here’s How

Adding probiotics to your diet can help you maintain a healthy gut


  1. An imbalanced gut can lead to several digestive issues
  2. Fasting is an effective way to detox your lungs and gut
  3. Your diet effects your liver and gut health

Ever felt like going through a complete body detox to clean your liver and gut? We know we have, especially after those Friday nights and weekends when diets would usually go for a toss. But figuring out how to do that effectively without falling sick has always been a mystery. What if we told you the mystery of cleaning out and positively resetting your liver and gut has been solved? Yes, you heard us. Health coach Luke Coutinho has come up with a genius solution. And it is simpler than we had ever imagined it to be.

Want to clean your gut and liver? Here's what you should do

In an Instagram Reels that he posted recently, Luke Coutinho talks about “one of the most efficient ways to clean your gut, to allow the microbiome to repopulate the right way, and to clean your liver and to take the burden off your liver so it can perform all its functions the right way.” His secret? We would only be reiterating what Luke Coutinho said in his own video when we say, “no, there's no magic food, it's fasting”.

He said even 12 hours of fasting from sunset to sunrise can be one of the most powerful ways to clean the liver and help the gut.

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Watch the video here:

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No wonder we keep flocking to his Instagram page time and again to check what new wellness tip Luke Coutinho has for us.  Will you be trying out fasting to clean out your liver and gut? Give this simple trick a try.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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