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Arthritis Management: Here’s How You Can Prepare A Simple Concoction To Control Symptoms

Arthritis management: Celebrity nutritionist and life coach Luke Coutinho said that the simple concoction also acts as a coolant in summer and reduces water retention. Read here to know how to prepare this.

Arthritis Management: Here’s How You Can Prepare A Simple Concoction To Control Symptoms

Arthritis leads to pain, stiffness and inflammation in joints


  1. Arthritis can lead to stiffness and inflammation in joints
  2. Dhaniya water can help you beat water retention
  3. It can also help you stay cool in summer

Arthritis is a condition that leads to inflammation, stiffness and pain in joints. Overtime, someone suffering from arthritis may also experience decreased range of motion. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help manage the symptoms of arthritis effectively. If you are suffering from arthritic pains, you would probably have tried every trick in the book to ease the discomfort caused by the condition. What if we tell you that there was a simple concoction that you can prepare at home that could help manage this condition. Well, according to fitness expert Luke Coutinho all it takes is a few coriander seeds and some water. Read on to know more about this powerful combination.

Arthritis management: Try this simple drink to manage arthritis symptoms

In a new video on Instagram he has advised followers suffering from arthritis pains to boil one tablespoon of coriander seeds in water for five minutes and have one or two cups of this concoction a day. He said that along with reducing arthritic pain, it also aids in kidney cleansing and handling water retention.

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In the video, Luke explained, "This simple concoction is powerful for a reduction in arthritic pains, water retention and a kidney cleanse. It also helps with water retention and a puffy face. All you need is - 1 tbsp coriander seeds boiled in water for 5 mins. Simmer and reduce to half. You can have 1 to 2 cups a day."


Arthritis tips: Try dhaniya water to reduce water retention and control arthritis symptoms
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He further added, "If you have severe medical issues related to your kidney please keep your health experts informed and in the loop before trying.Make an informed decision." He said that the drink was also very cooling for the body.

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He recently also spoke about the importance of consuming micronutrients and trace minerals such as selenium in the right quantities. He added that they are connected to "your appearance, the glow in your skin, your hair, your heart health, your immune system, and much more".

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Try this simple drink and consume in moderation. If you face any discomfort, contact your health expert.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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