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Arthritis In Hands: Do Not Let The Pain Worsen In Winters With These Simple Steps

Arthritis pain: During the winter season many experience joint pain. One of the common causes is arthritis. Here are some ways to manage arthritis pain in winter season.

Arthritis In Hands: Do Not Let The Pain Worsen In Winters With These Simple Steps

Arthritis pain: During the winter season joint pain starts to worsen


  1. Arthritis affects the joints of the individuals
  2. This conditions leads to pain and inflammation in joints
  3. Physical movement can help prevent arthritis pain

Arthritis is a condition that leads to inflammation and pain in joints. This condition can affect different joints of the body including wrists, knee, hips, ankles and wrists. The symptoms of arthritis worsen during the winter season. Arthritis in hands can limit the range of motion and impact day to day activities. In winters, you can follow some simple steps to prevent the pain. The cold weather also worsens any existing pain or ache. A fall in barometric pressure affects the joints and cartilage. Many also experience stiffness and reduced mobility during the winter season. Here are some pain management tips for those suffering from arthritis in hands.

Arthritis in hand: Follow these ways to manage pain

1. Exercise

Moving your hands can help prevent the pain. You can try simple exercises at home. Some of these include- making a fist, bending fingers and thumb, making an o with hand and simple stretches. You can once check with your doctor and perform these simple exercises at home to keeps your joints healthy.

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2. Keep your hands warm

The cold temperature also directly affects the joints. You should stay warm during the winter season. Wear gloves if required to keep your hands warm. Change your gloves as soon as they get wet. Rubbing your hands together will provide warmth to your hands.


Keep your hands covered to control arthritis pain in winters
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3. Hot therapy

Hot therapy increases blood circulation. You can use a heat pad or keep your hands in hot water for some time. But take advice from your doctor before trying hot therapy regularly.

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4. Medicated ointment

Medications are also prescribed to control pain and inflammation in joints especially during the winter season. If your doctor has prescribed an ointment, apply it for some relief.

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5. Healthy diet

Add foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties are helpful for those suffering from arthritis. Some foods loaded with anti-inflammatory properties are tomatoes, berries, avocados, grapes, turmeric and more.

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