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Ganesh Chaturthi: How To Make Healthy Modaks At Home? Health Benefits Of Them

This Ganesh Chaturthi, make healthy modaks and enjoy eating them guilt-free and stay fit.

Ganesh Chaturthi: How To Make Healthy Modaks At Home? Health Benefits Of Them

Ganesh Chaturthi Desserts: Home-made Modak is a much healthier alternative

Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated today, on August 31. The 10-day Mahautsav will come to an end on September 9 with Ganapathi Visarjan. And, as they say, any festival is incomplete without sweet treats and lip-smacking delicacies. Well, when we say sweets the first thing that comes to our minds is modak. Agree? Yes, this sweet treat happens to be an ultimate favourite of Lord Ganesh. The festivities seem incomplete without modaks. However, are you worried about your health or the possibility of putting on weight? Do you think that your fitness regime would go for a toss if you gorge on sweet treats all along the festival? Well, you will be able to enjoy modaks guilt-free if you make them following some healthy recipes. Also, when coconut, jaggery, rice flour, and lots of desi ghee are put together, it benefits your body more than you can think. Refer to some of the useful tips to prepare healthy modaks. You must also know their health benefits.    

Here are some of the healthy ways to prepare modaks:

1) Wheat modak: You can give your traditional sweet a healthy twist with wheat. Let the outer covering of your modaks be made up of wheat flour.

2) Use dry fruits and nuts: No one should stop you from devouring modaks when they are healthy for your body. Make sure you add a lot of dry fruits and nuts into the traditional dumplings while preparing them at home.   

3) Healthy stuffing: Instead of using regular stuffing, you can look for other alternatives for a healthier indulgence. Some people make modaks by using oats for stuffing.

4) Use jaggery and coconut: Jaggery is a healthy replacement for white sugar on any day. Usage of coconuts also will make your modaks healthier.

5) Don't hesitate to experiment: You can experiment with the ingredients of modaks for a healthy take. Look for recipes like beetroot modak that are loaded with health benefits. Also, you can make something as delicious as saffron and sesame modak.

Why should you consume healthy modaks?

1) Health experts often stress staying true to your cultural roots and consuming traditional recipes. So, this festival and modaks likewise, can be a fantastic way to relish seasonal food that can benefit your body immensely.

2) The usage of ghee in modaks helps you have smooth bowel movements and jaggery supports in dealing with health issues like constipation. It is also being used as a lung, throat, and respiratory tract cleanser and for curing cold and coughs for ages.   

3) The coconut present in the stuffing of modaks is known for boosting the process of digestion, improving skin health and stabilising your blood pressure. Coconut also reduces sweet cravings and speeds up metabolism.  

4) A mixture of all the ingredients used in modak is also required by your thyroid gland. Modak contains good fats, medium to low glycemic index and even antioxidants among other nutrients.

5) The dry fruits present in modak are packed with vitamins and other nutrients. Nuts are high in unsaturated fat, omega-3 and vitamin E, all of which are good for the heart. Besides this, if you use fruits while preparing modaks, they are also packed with fibres beneficial for your body. 

 Eat modaks and stay healthy!    

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