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Pooja Malhotra Shares Habits That Maybe Killing Your Metabolism Restricting Further Weight Loss

 Pooja Malhotra throws light on habits that may be killing your metabolism.

Pooja Malhotra Shares Habits That Maybe Killing Your Metabolism Restricting Further Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Eating a diet rich in protein and help boost metabolism as well as weight loss

Weight loss is almost on everyone's to-do list. Sometimes, we go to any extent to get rid of those extra kilos. Whether it's following a strict diet or performing exercising every single day, there's basically everything, in our knowledge, that we are trying out to lose weight. However, is it working? If not, then it's time to think more in this regard.

There may be certain habits that are acting as impediments on your way. You may be following certain practices on a daily basis that are preventing you from reaching your target. Is your metabolism alright? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says there are certain habits that may be killing your metabolism thus, affecting weight loss. In a recent video on her Instagram page, she says, "You are doing everything it takes to lose weight but somehow, you aren't able to succeed. Do you know why? Let me tell you the reason. Metabolism. " 

These are the few things that may be restricting your weight loss:

1) You may be eating too few calories. This, in turn, is teaching your body how to conserve.

2) You may be eating too little protein as per your body's composition and weight.

3) You may be doing the wrong kind of exercise. Remember, if you are doing the wrong exercises, it will never work in your favour. 

4) You may not be hydrating well. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. 

Take a look:

A lot of you may be following a proper diet plan to be in shape. And, while doing that, there are a few days when you feel like indulging in sinful delicacies. So, you go for cheat meals. However, try not to have a cheat day altogether when you are only enjoying unhealthy food items all through the day (for a long period of time). Talking about the same Pooja Malhotra says, “You've just had your favourite cheat meal, the world is not going to come to an end” So, cheat meals once in a while is okay. You should not let your cheat meal become a cheat day. If you've just enjoyed your favourite meal, now reboot and realigned and get back on track with careful planning, she states.

Pooja Malhotra often addresses the topic of weight loss in her videos. According to her, your body gives you the signals. All you need to do is pay attention to them. For example, the feeling of fullness after a meal is one of the signs you must be aware of. She tells identifying these signals is fairly simple. Keep your mobile phones or other gadgets away if you really want to get rid of the excess weight. Also, when you eat food, try to make a connection between your gut and brain. Eat mindfully and chew slowly, so that you give your body the time to process what's happening and give you that fullness signal, she adds. Also, never eat 200 percent of your perceived capacity.   

Work on your body diligently and follow healthy eating habits if you wish to stay healthy.

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