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Add Dates To Your Diet And Lose Weight In No Time: This Is How It Works And Other Health Benefits

Are you still searching for the best method to lose weight? Simple diet changes and exercises can help you shed those extra kilos. You can add dates to your diet to enhance the weight loss process. Here are some benefits of dates for weight loss.

Add Dates To Your Diet And Lose Weight In No Time: This Is How It Works And Other Health Benefits

Dates are rich in fiber and other essential nutrients


  1. Dates will improve your digestion and metabolism
  2. You can keep your bones healthy by adding dates to your diet
  3. Dates are naturally sweet which can manage your blood sugar levels

Weight loss is one such topic which is loaded with hundreds of questions. Everyone is looking for the ultimate solution to lose weight in no time. Weight loss requires a lot of patience and dedication. Proper exercise and diet can only result in desired weight loss. There are certain foods which can enhance the weight loss process. You can inculcate these foods to your diet for better results. One such element which you can add to your diet for quick weight loss is dates. Dates or khajur are chewy with natural sugar. Dates are quite popular for its benefits for weight loss. You can enjoy dates at any time of the day without worrying about your weight.

Dates for weight loss

1. Dates will make you feel full

Dates will help fight those hunger pangs. Adding dates to your diet means consumption of fewer calories because dates will keep you full for longer. Dates are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre will keep you full for longer and improve your digestive health as well. Regular consumption of dates will ensure reduced appetite. It will also boost your metabolism.

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2. Great source of protein

Protein is an essential part of every weight loss journey. It helps you lose weight effectively. Protein helps in building and repairing muscles. Dates contain an optimum amount of protein which provides you enough energy to workout at the gym. Protein in dates will also help you receive optimum amount of energy with consuming too many calories.


Protein can help you lose weight with fewer calories
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3. Natural sweet taste

Sugar cravings make it difficult for you to lose weight. It is advised to restrict sugar consumption when trying to lose weight. But you always feel like eating something sweet. To deal with sugar cravings you always end up consuming unhealthy options. This vicious cycle makes it hard for you to lose weight. Dates will help you manage your satisfy your sweet tooth. It's natural sweet taste will not add extra calories to your diet and will allow you to have something sweet.

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How many dates should you eat in a day?

Weight loss involves consumption of food in restricted quantity. Dates should also be consumed in limited quantity to lose weight. You can consume 4-5 dates per day. Four-five dates will help you deal with both hunger and sugar cravings at the same time.


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Other health benefits of dates 

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  • Dates are extremely nutritious. Other than fibre and protein, dates are rich in potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and iron.
  • Dates will provide you disease fighting antioxidants.
  • Various studies have shown that dates can help you improve brain power
  • Continuous consumption of dates will improve bone health

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