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Adapt These Habits In Your Lifestyle And Never Fall Sick

Wondered about those people who are awarded with 100% attendance at your workplace? You could be one of them too! Just adapt the following habits in your lifestyle...

Adapt These Habits In Your Lifestyle And Never Fall Sick

Exercising regularly increases body's immunity.


  1. Avoid stressing to stay healthy
  2. Wash your hands regularly to avoid catching infections
  3. Avoid sharing food and drinks with others

How often has it happened that you envy people who reach work all fit and healthy every day of the year? People, who, no matter the rains, the humidity, the loo, or extreme winter chills, are there in front of you, strong enough to beat the weather, any weather! Well, the secret to living a healthy life and not falling sick at any point of the year is having a few good habits that will prevent any kind of diseases or germs to even remotely reach you.

Here are those habits that will ensure you never fall sick at any time of the year:

Have enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C has magical properties when it comes to preventing infections and improving immunity. One can have around 2 doses of 1000 mg Vitamin C pills every day to ward off any infections growing in your body.

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Sleep properly

Experts have suggested that having sufficient amount of sleep in a day i.e 8-10 hours, is very essential for the body's immunity to be intact. People who sleep for less than 6 hours at night are prone to falling sick more often than others.

Stay positive

It might not sound totally practical, but our state of mind tends to have a huge impact on how we are physically. It has often been observed that people who continuously complain about falling ill actually do fall sick than people who say they never fall sick.

Don't stress

According to the The Alternative Medical Cabinet, people who take too much stress fall sick more often as compared to others. One should take up practices like meditation and yoga daily in order to avoid stressing and falling sick.

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Have a protein-rich diet

A key to staying happy and healthy is having a good diet which is rich in protein and avoiding unhealthy, junk and fast food.

Avoid sharing food

No matter how socially-awkward it makes you, avoid sharing your food with others as much as possible. It reduces the risk of picking up infections other people might have.

Wash your hands

Maintaining a hygienic lifestyle isn't a bad thing to do. In a day, we go through a course of unhygienic environments that expose us to unwanted germs and infections. These include travelling in public transport, using public toilets etc. So, washing your hands regularly is a good way to ensure a sickness-free life.

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Exercise daily

Exercising is something which gives only positive results. Experts say that people who exercise at least 3 times a week are healthier and fitter than others.

Have black/green tea

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Drinking hot black or green tea with lemon and honey and breathing in steam stimulates the cilia-the hair follicles in the nose-to move out germs more efficiently. Lemon thins mucus, and honey has anti-bacterial properties. 


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