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6 Truths About Sex Every Woman Should Learn

When it comes to sex, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Ladies, here are six important facts about sex which you should know.

6 Truths About Sex Every Woman Should Learn

Ladies, are you wary of these facts about sex


  1. Give his body some attention just as youd like him to do for you
  2. Peeing after sex is one of the easiest ways to prevent UTI
  3. Sex is not supposed to hurt you

Sex is something you have been doing for years now, and you may be thinking that you have mastered the art of lovemaking. Or as of late, you might be wondering if your sex life needs a bit of a boost. As a woman, it is important to be aware of a certain facts when it comes to sex. But, there is so much information about sex out on the internet, that you might never know which ones are actually viable. How do you shift out all the myths from the truth? Well, we are here to educate you. So, here are the 6 important truths about sex every woman should know. 

1. Men love to be pampered and caressed too

 Give his body some attention just as you'd like him to do for you. Of course, the penis is the most sensitive part of his body. But know that there are other parts of his body that can turn him on too-for instance, his lips, neck, ear lobes, chest, back, nape, and inner thighs.

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2. It is important to always pee after sex

 Peeing after sex is one of the easiest ways to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI), making it a good habit to develop. When you pee, your urine flushes away any bacteria than can get into your urethra.

3. If you need lube, use it

 It is nothing to be ashamed about. It helps minimize discomfort during sex, and may even help prevent condom breakage. Remember- sex is NOT supposed to pain.

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4. You have a climax position

Every woman has a sex position that makes sure she climaxes. Make sure you find out which one is yours. Trial and error is part of the fun!

5. Being naked and having 'flaws' really isn't a huge deal

 We are so worried about how we will look naked. That extra pound or the stretch marks that came out of nowhere are all he will notice, right? Nope. Let's make something very clear-during sex, men are experiencing such a neuro-chemical cocktail rush, that they don't notice (or care, really).

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6. Sex does get better with age

 It's because after years of practice, you know what works for you. And don't feel ashamed of guiding or telling your partner either- they will appreciate it, for sure. 


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