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5 Super Healthy Leaves You Must Add To Your Diet; Know Health Benefits And Ways To Use

A healthy diet should include all essential nutrients. Not just fruits and vegetables several leaves can also offer you amazing health benefits. Read here to know some of these, their health benefits and ways to use.

5 Super Healthy Leaves You Must Add To Your Diet; Know Health Benefits And Ways To Use

Green leafy vegetables are loaded with some impressive health benefits


  1. Leafy greens can help you boost overall health
  2. Mint leaves can boost your mood
  3. Curry leaves can help boost hair growth

Fruits and vegetables should be an essential part of your healthy diet. These are loaded with fibre and essential nutrients. It is important to ensure enough intake of fruits and veggies daily for better nutrition. Similarly, several leaves are also loaded with several health benefits. Some of these contain medicinal properties and help you fight disease risk. You can add these to your diet in several ways. Some of these can be cooked, while others can be consumed raw or in the form of tea. In this article here are some healthy leaves you should be consuming to upgrade your diet's nutrition. Keep reading to more about these leaves, their benefits and ways to use.

Healthy leaves to add to diet

1. Spinach

Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy green vegetables. It is high in fibre and iron. Adding spinach to your diet can help boost eye health, control hair fall and boost heart health. Adding a cup of billed spinach to your diet can also help in weight loss by keeping you full for longer. You can add spinach to different curries or add it to shakes and smoothies.


Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy greens
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2. Tulsi leaves

Tulsi plant is found in all Indian households. Tulsi leaves contain several medicinal properties. These leaves a calming effect on your mind and body reducing stress and anxiety. Holy basil can also help reduce inflammation, boost heart health and improve digestion. You can prepare tulsi tea to reap the benefits of these. Drinking this will also give you relief from cold and sore throat.

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3. Mint

The refreshing mint leaves can also good for your health in several ways. Mint leaves are rich in vitamin A, iron, folate and manganese. These leaves are beneficial for your digestive system. Mint leaves can also boost your mood. Adding mint leaves to diet can also help get rid of bad breath. You can chew a few mint leaves, prepare sauces with it, add to smoothies or drink mint tea. These can also be used to prepare refreshing drinks in summer.


Mint leaves add a refreshing flavour to your foods and drinks
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4. Neem leaves

Neem leaves and other parts of the neem tree have been used for medicinal purposes since ages. Neem leaves can help boost immunity, alleviate pain, boost heart health, reduce inflammation, help fight bacterial infections and boost dental health. Neem oil is commonly used for tropical use. Some people also chew 2-3 fresh neem leaves on an empty stomach but you should consult an expert before trying this.

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5. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are commonly used to add extra flavour to your food. Curry leaves can help regulate cholesterol levels. These can also help fight stomach issues like diarrhea, constipation or an upset stomach. Curry leaves are also good for your eyesight as these contain vitamin A. Adding these days are also helpful in boosting hair growth, controlling stress and may help control blood sugar levels. Curry leaves can be added to different foods and recipes. You can also chew 4-5 fresh curry leaves on an empty stomach.

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