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5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

Who likes acne on their skin! But its not always triggered by dust or dirt. Certain foods could do that too. Here's a list of foods you must avoid to prevent the outbreak of acne.

5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

Foods to avoid to prevent acne


  1. Different foods react with everyones skin and body differently
  2. Gluten increases systemic inflammation, which is an acne trigger
  3. Potato chips produce a quick insulin spike which leads to acne

An acne breakout is the last thing you want before going out for a great weekend with your friends or family. However, recent research has shown us that while acne cannot be cleared up completely by just changing up your diet, it still is a large part of the problem and solution. It is important to note that different foods react with everyone's skin and body differently- but, there are a few foods that tend to be common acne triggers. So, here are our top five foods to avoid if you have acne and don't want to trigger a breakout:

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1. Bread

Bread is problematic for many reasons, but for one, it is the main culprit for acne, as it contains gluten. Gluten increases systemic inflammation, which is an acne trigger.

2. Potato chips

Potato chips may be one of the most convenient, quick snacks, but they play a huge role when it comes to acne. They contain way too many carbohydrates, produce a quick insulin spike, and lead to systemic inflammation, which again, triggers acne.

3. Chocolate

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the link between chocolate and acne. The main problem here is sugar, which wreaks havoc on your skin. If you still can't resist, opt for darker chocolate.

4. Milk

Milk is one item you really need to steer clear of. Dairy is highly insulinogenic, which means that the body produces quite a bit of insulin when you consume milk. Again, this is an acne trigger. Moreover, it is also a hormone-dense delivery system. Hormonal issues have been linked with acne too!

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5. Soda

Soda has pretty much no nutritional value, and it doesn't do anything for your skin either. It is high in fructose, which is basically sugar, which again, is really bad for you.


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