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3 Gut Health Disruptors You Must Note

Gut health: A 2014 study by Harvard researchers found out that a diet rich in processed foods may increase bile tolerant gut microbes which are also associated with inflammation and worsening gut health.

3 Gut Health Disruptors You Must Note

Gut health: Stress and sleep needs to be regulated for a healthy gut


  1. Limit intake of processed food
  2. Sugary foods and refined carbs also need to be avoided
  3. Sleep well and take less stress for a healthy gut

It is a well-known fact that your gut health is of prime importance. Two of the most important roles of gut health is aiding digestion and ensuring a strong immunity. Eating probiotics and prebiotics is the way to go for providing good bacteria to your gut, improving gut flora and thereby improving gut health. But this alone will not do the task. Eating probiotics and prebiotics, but having a stressed lifestyle, regular alcohol intake and diet high in processed food will also be bad for your gut health.

Gut health disruptors

1. Avoid processed and sugary foods

A 2014 study by Harvard researchers found out that a diet including processed foods like bacon, sausages and salami may increase bile tolerant gut microbes which are necessary for breaking down fat but are also associated with inflammation. Also, a diet high in refined carbs and sugary foods can feed bad bacteria in gut and reduce diversity of microbiomes in the gut.

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2. Excessive stress and lack of sleep

Chronic stress and inadequate sleep can interfere with the gut and worsen gut health. Similarly not sleeping well can disturb your circadian rhythm, which can cause alterations in gut microbiome. So, even if you're eating healthy and exercising regularly, you can have a healthy gut if you are not sleeping well and have too much stress.


Sleeping well is important for a healthy gut
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3. Antibiotics

Regular use of antibiotics without prescription has been linked to deprivation of gut bacteria. Inappropriate or unnecessary use of antibiotics can mess with your gut because they can affect resident microbes.

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