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3 Expert-Recommended Breakfast Drinks To Kickstart Your Day

Here are some expert-recommended morning drinks that you must try this spring.

3 Expert-Recommended Breakfast Drinks To Kickstart Your Day

Coconut water is refreshing, nutritious and tastes good

A healthy, wholesome breakfast helps you kickstart the day with optimal energy levels. With some protein, fibre and carbs many prefer a cup of tea or coffee. However, starting your day with caffeine might not be the healthiest option. For some juices are also a common option. But juices are also deprived of fibre and contain more sugar than you need as first thing in the morning. So, what should you be drinking for breakfast? We have some expert-recommended morning drinks that you must try.

Healthy morning drinks to try

In an Instagram post, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared her top picks for the spring season. Take a look at these:

1. Coconut water:

No doubt, coconut water is refreshing, nutritious and tastes good. The nutritionist mentions that coconut water is a perfect hydrator that can also help ensure better digestion. You can start your day with fresh coconut water for better detoxification as well.

You can also drink coconut water before working out for better energy levels.

2. Amla ginger shot:

This shot can be prepared with 30ml of amla juice and 1 tablespoon of ginger juice. These two simple ingredients can do wonders to your health. This combination can help boost immunity during this season change. "It is also an excellent addition for anyone trying to stabilise high blood sugar," the nutritionist added.

3. Ash gourd juice:

If you have been facing digestive issues such as bloating, acidity and constipation, this juice should be your choice. "A great start to the day if you pull late nights frequently," Batra mentioned in the post. It will also leave a cooling effect on your stomach and is also alkaline in nature.

This spring try these three options according to your nutritional needs.

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