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12 Vegetables With Negligible Carbs That Can Help You With Quick Weight Loss

Lettuce, spinach, avocado and other low-carb veggies that can help you with quick weight loss right here!

12 Vegetables With Negligible Carbs That Can Help You With Quick Weight Loss

Cauliflower is a low carb high fibre vegetable


  1. Celery and bell peppers are low carb vegetables
  2. Low carb foods can help you lose weight quickly
  3. Keto diet has been found to be effective for quick weight loss

Eating a diet low in carbs can help you lose weight quickly. The very famous ketogenic diet is based on the principle of eating more fats, moderate protein and very less carbs. Cutting down on your intake of carbs reduces insulin levels, which makes the body burn stored fat in the body for energy, and this ultimately leads to weight loss. Usually a low carb diet focuses on eating proteins and fats. Fruits, grains, legumes, breads and starchy vegetables need to be avoided if you want to cut down on carb intake for weight loss.

However, there are a few low carb vegetables that you can include in a low carb diet. While some veggies like potatoes, corn and quinoa are high in carbs, there are other vegetables which have negligible carbs can help you weight loss.

Low carb vegetables that can help you with weight loss

The following vegetables are low in carbs and high fibre. You can eat them as part of your salads or on the side of your main meals. They can keep you full for longer too. If you are following a keto diet, you need to take care of the portion size. This is because the priority is to stay in a state of ketosis and not load up on carbs, even if it is from vegetables.

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Low carb vegetables

Per 100 gms of serving, following are some of the top low-carb vegetables

1. Lettuce (2 gms)

2. Spinach (1 gm)

3. Asparagus (2 gms)

4. Avocado (2 gms)

5. Celery (1 gm)

6. Zucchini (3 gms)

7. Eggplant (3 gms)

8. Cauliflower (2 gms)

9. Bell pepper (3 gms)

10. Tomato (3 gms)

11. Mushrooms (2 gms)

12. Cucumber (3 gms)

There are multiple ways to include these veggies in your diet. You can eat them as part of your salads or soups. You can sautee them or eat them on the side of main meals.


These low-carb vegetables can help you with quick weight loss
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Point to note

Remember that eating low carbs can help you lose weight quickly, but at the same time, it can put you at risk of nutritional deficiencies as well. A lot of high carb veggies are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, which together benefit our health holistically.

The sustainable way to lose weight and maintain it in the long run is by consuming a balanced diet, exercising regularly, being physically active and avoiding sitting for long hours, quitting smoking and alcohol, sleeping well for 6-8 hours every day and taking less stress.

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