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Dr Pankaj N Maheshwari

Dr Pankaj N Maheshwari

Senior consultant & head of department, Urology,
Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,

Dr Pankaj N Maheshwari joined the medical school at Government Medical College, Nagpur in 1984. He graduated (MBBS in 1989 with Honors in Anatomy and Surgery. He did his Masters in Surgery (MS) from Govt. Medical College, Nagpur in 1992 and later was awarded the diplomate in 1993 from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. He immediately joined the prestigious Grant Medical College, Mumbai for his Urology training. He qualified his MCh in Urology from Mumbai University in 1995. He got trained under eminent teachers like Dr Percy J Chibber, Prof. Madhav H Kamat and Dr Rao.

He joined R G Stone Urology Research Institute, Mumbai as a Head of Department in 1996 and worked there till 2003. R G Stone is a busy hi-tech urology center for treatment of urinary stones and prostate. It was here that Dr Maheshwari got an opportunity to hone his endourologic skills. He received a large experience of management of over 6000 urinary calculus disease patients. These were managed without open surgery by a combination of lithotripsy and endourology. He has performed over a thousand percutaneous nephrolithotomy, fifteen hundred ureteroscopy and a large number of lower tract endourological procedures. He was involved in lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment of more than four thousand patients. A few unusual surgical procedures were done for the first time in India by Dr. Maheshwari. Laparoscopy assisted PCNL for large calculi in pelvic kidney & Laparoscopic repair of spontaneous bladder perforation are few of them. He has also devised few surgical procedures and surgical accesses like per-urethral amplatz sheath for large calculi in female bladder, technique of placing antegrade DJ stent and technique of inserting a CAPD catheter laproscopically.

Dr Maheshwari got fascinated by Holmium laser technology in 1998 and had the first Holmium laser unit set-up under his care at R G Stone, Mumbai in 1999. He received his training in Holmium Lasers in Urology at the Department of Urology, New York Medical Center under Dr. Akhil Das and later with the pioneers of Holmium lasers Dr. Peter Gilling and Dr. Mark Frounderfer at the Department of Urology, Tauranga Medical Center, Tauranga, New Zealand. Dr Maheshwari is instrumental in popularizing the holmium laser technology in India and has been invited to most of the major institutes and medical centers to demonstrate or talk on holmium laser. He has performed over 500-holmium laser enucleation of prostate for management of Benign Enlargement of Prostate in last ten years. He is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of Holmium laser in India.

He is one of the few Indian recipients of Societe Internationale Urology Traveling Fellowship. He got this fellowship in 1999– 2000 which he utilized for holmium laser training at New Zealand.

Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari has to his credit over thirty publications in national and international journals. His three publications regarding management of Urinary calculi are quoted in the recent edition of the Campbell’s textbook of Urology, Ninth edition. (This textbook is considered as a bible of Urology books). He has authored three books in Urology and he has been on the editorial review panel for many national and international journals. He has authored health information books for lay public and has written weekly medical information in ‘The Maharashtra times’, and in ‘The Indian Express’.

Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari has delivered guest lectures in many national and international conferences. He was invited as a faculty member to the 26th World Endo-urology congress at Shanghai, China and again in the 27th World Endo-urology congress, Munich, Germany. He was invited as an international faculty to Kunming, China in March 2010, to conduct a live operative workshop on Laser prostatectomy. He was invited international faculty in the 2nd & 4th International Conferences of the Bangladesh Association of Urological Surgeons at Dhaka.

Dr. Maheshwari has trained over twenty-five urologist, surgeons and postgraduate students in Endourology and lithotripsy. On social front, Dr Pankaj Maheshwari is an active Lions International member. He is the District Chairman for Kidney care. He was the co-convener of the Kidney Disease Awareness Group.

Dr. Pankaj Maheshwari is currently working as a senior consultant & head of department Urology at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune. He is also a honorary consultant at Jahangir Hospital & Institute of Urology, Pune.


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