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  • Dr C Goonaratna

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    He was born at Moratuwa and attended the temple school at Palliyagodella, before entering Prince of Wales' College and then Royal College Colombo, from where he entered University.
  • Dr KK Sethi

    Tue,04 Apr 2017 14:41:11
  • Dr Sandeep Saluja

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr Sandeep Saluja has done his graduation and postgraduation from the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He has worked as consultant in The department of Medicine at AIIMS. He is at present Senior Consultant in Medicine at the Saran Ashram, Dayalbagh (Agra). Being an internist (physician), he likes to look at patients in totality, rather than at specific systems or organs. Having worked on clinical immunology, he has special interest in Rheumatology and in HIV medicines. He is on the editorial board of 'rheuma21st' (an international rheumatology interenet journal).
  • Dr Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr K Kumaresh is a Senior Consultant in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery and Neurotology at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore. He has a fellowship in Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery, University of Cincinnati and a Head and Neck Surgery fellowship from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York.
  • Dr Abha Majumdar

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr Abha Majumdar did her graduation (MBBS) and post graduation (MS Ob/Gyn) from S.N. Medical College, Agra University. During her graduation she was the recipient of 7 gold medals, certificate of Honours in 9 subjects and the president’s medal for being the best medical graduate for the year 1975.
  • Mr Jitendra Mangwani

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr Jitendra Mangwani did his MBBS (Gold Medalist) from SN Medical College, Agra and obtained post-graduate degree (MS ortho) from Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi University.
  • Dr Rishi Parashar

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr Rishi Kumar Parashar is a Consultant at Department of Dermatology Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. He studied at the SMS Medical College, Jaipur (INDIA) and then did his MD at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal (INDIA).
  • Dr Patrick Kamath

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr Kamath is a Professor of Medicine at the College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. He is also a Consultant in the Miles and Shirley Fiterman Center for Digestive Diseases at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Dr AK Hemal

    Thu,01 May 2009 05:05:25
    Dr. A.K. Hemal is a Professor of Urology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. He has had an extensive training in the field of Urology in India and at various centres in the USA, UK and France.
  • Prof. OP Garg

    Thu,23 Sep 2010 22:14:05
    He has 25 years of unblemished rewarding career in the Armed Forces. He has served tenure in prestigious hospitals like Command Hospital, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Srinagar and Army Hospital R&R, New Delhi.

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