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Tips To Improve Concentration In Children Who Get Easily Distracted

Child's concentration power: If your child gets distracted easily and experiences difficulty in focusing, then you must try to build a schedule and understand their approach towards learning.

Tips To Improve Concentration In Children Who Get Easily Distracted

Concentration tips: Appreciate your child in small achievements


  1. Reduce your child's distractions to help him/her focus better
  2. Build a schedule for your child
  3. Establish a reward system for your children

Do you feel your child is getting distracted very easily? Are you stressed about your child's inability to perform well in school due to a lack of concentration power? You're at the right place. Many parents are unable to find the answers to why their child has difficulty in focussing and loses attention in just a few moments. This generally occurs due to an increase in inquisitiveness. Although, when a child starts to advance and grow, they need to eliminate this behaviour to excel in their lives. Here is how you can help them do it.

Tips to improve child's concentration

1. Reduce distractions

Reducing noise levels can help while establishing a distraction-free environment for your kids. A child finds it difficult to concentrate in the presence of distractions like mobile phones, video games or television shows. They also have a hard time getting away with these kinds of distractions. Therefore, limiting these to a greater extent may benefit your child in the longer run and improve child's concentration. 


Reduce distractions in children to help them focus better
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2. Build a schedule

Setting up schedules to achieve daily life targets can make your child feel organised and eliminate pressure. To help them focus, create schedules for them with a balance of work and play so they don't lose interest. The fact that some kids might feel controlled through this technique and offer resistance should be kept in mind.

3. Start with smaller tasks

Asking your child to perform a bigger task might be challenging. For example: asking them to build a castle of blocks all at once can be hard. Rather than this, ask the child to build the castle in segments. Thus, starting the tasks with smaller goals can prove to be beneficial and helps in increasing chid's concentration. 

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4. Comprehend their approach towards learning

Different children answer to different ways of learning. Some might be better at comprehending auditory signals, whereas, some might be genius in grasping visual methods of learning. You should make an effort to understand the way your child learns better to help them make the best use of their method of learning.


Understand your child's approach towards learning to help them focus better
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5. Establish a reward system

Appreciating your child in their small achievements helps them in developing a better focus towards their work. This does not always mean giving them presents for every time they do something right. What it just means is to establish a reward system in the forms of little positive gestures like patting on the back or smiling back to show your happiness, works wonders for your child.

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6. Play memory games

Memory enhancing games such as jigsaw puzzles, card games or crossword games can help your child bring out their concentration skills into action. Avoiding distractions while doing so can also be beneficial as it strengthens the brain activity to focus better towards the target.

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