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4 Things That Happen When You Break Your Promise To Your Child

Apparently promise-breaking is not a serious issue, something you do not need to worry about. But, the seemingly non-consequential promise breaking is not something you should do too often. Here's how it impacts your kids.

4 Things That Happen When You Break Your Promise To Your Child

Breaking a promise with your child is not a good practice


  1. Promise breaking does not leave a good impact on your kids
  2. Kids end up losing faith in parents due to it
  3. It may even trigger a sense of disrespect on their end for you

We all have made little promises to our children that we may not have really followed up on. For example, buying a new toy, or taking them out for ice-cream after dinner. While breaking these promises may seem rather inconsequential to you in the long run, what you may not realize is that this leaves a last effect on your children. A crying fit is not the only negative consequence of breaking a promise to your child! Here are the five things that happen when you break your promise to your child:

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1. You teach them not to trust you, and you disappoint them

If you don't keep the little promises to your children, how can they expect you to keep the big ones? Right from the start, you create a negative environment of distrust between your child and you. Moreover, you disappoint them and make them feel a plethora of negative emotions. Again, this doesn't bode too well on your relationship.

2. You make them feel unimportant

If you bail on dropping your child to his or her friend's house, even though you promised them for days on end, you make them feel unimportant. Moreover, you child will notice if you keep your word to others and not to them. Thus, when you keep your promises to your children, you are saying, "You are very important to me".

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3. You make them disrespect you

If you are unable to keep a promise, or multiple promises, your child starts to lose respect for you. They realize that there is hardly any integrity in your words, since integrity equals respect.

4. You create promise breakers in your children

Your children learn from your actions. So, if you want your child to be a promise keeper, you need to be one too!

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