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Can Using Sanitary Pads Lead To Cervical Cancer?

There is no scientific data backing this claim.

Can Using Sanitary Pads Lead To Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is caused by human papillomavirus


  1. Cervical cancer is the only cancer which can be prevented
  2. Avoid sedentary lifestyle to avoid risks of cancer
  3. Avoid use of plastic to prevent cancer risk

Rumours spread like wildfire. And while some of these rumours can be completely harmless and a mere source of gossip, other rumours can be very misleading and harmful. One such rumour is that sanitary napkins are capable of causing cervical cancer. According to gynaecologist Dr Ragini Agrawal, sanitary napkins do not cause cervical cancer and there is no scientific data or research or proof available that can justify this claim. 

"Sanitary napkins do not cause cervical cancer"

Says Dr Ragini, "There are no chances that sanitary napkins can lead to cervical cancer. The only thing that they can cause is contact dermatitis, which causes irritation, itching and vaginal reactions. Various sanitary napkins available in the market today have plastic content in them. The fumes that are released by these napkins can cause allergies and irritations. Also sanitary napkins can be harmful and cause infections when women avoid changing them for long periods of times."

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She stresses on the point that there is no relation between cervical cancer and sanitary napkins. "These things are spreading so much because of lot of information is twisted and then circulated. For instance, the synthetic sanitary pads can be problematic for women. And these problems are glorified and magnified to such an extent that they end being cancerous as well," she explains.

Human papillomavirus causes cervical cancer

According to Dr Ragini, the sole cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus. "This viral infection usually happens because of engaging in unprotected sex. Also, cervical cancer is the only kind of cancer which can be prevented. Cervical cancer be detected on time and treated effectively as well," she says

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Ways to prevent cancer

Speaking about some ways for cancer prevention, she says that cancers have spread so much across the world because of poor lifestyle habits that people follow.

"Sedentary lifestyle and the introduction of artificial products with plastic in the market are the main reasons why cancer has spread so much in the country and in the entire world. Plastic is extremely harmful for our health. Heating food in plastic utensils or putting warm food in plastic containers makes the food carcinogenic. Whenever you are heating food in the microwave, make sure you use glassware," she says and adds, "Also, processed food is extremely cancerous. They increase levels of oxidated radicals in the body and make you prone to risks of cancer. Heating and re-heating food again and again can also make the food cancerous.

Hence, it's all a question of changing your lifestyle completely regarding a few things. Getting medical checkups timely and regularly is also very important for cancer prevention.

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(Dr Ragini Agrawal is Senior Gynaecologist and Head, W Pratiksha Hospital, Gurgaon)

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