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How To Deal With A Diagnosis Of Cancer

A very emotionally taxing journey for both the patient and his/her family, cancer diagnosis can be dealt with, if necessary steps are taken with care.

How To Deal With A Diagnosis Of Cancer

The cancer support team can also provide the patient with the asked information


  1. Coping up with cancer can be hard but don't forget to reach out
  2. Get the facts right
  3. Let the feelings out
For starters, going to the doctor for a pill to cure the migraine and coming back with a date for chemotherapy can be quite overwhelming. Cancer is something that happens all of a sudden, and despite the mental preparation regarding the probabilities of getting it considering the family tree, it will always be an emotional discovery. Naturally the emotional radar of a person will range from feeling shocked to angry, guilty to hopeless, which all consume a lot of mental energy. In some cases it may even lead to depression.

A very emotionally taxing journey for both the patient and his/her family, cancer diagnosis can be dealt with, if necessary steps are taken with care:

1. Get the facts right

Despite the uneasiness caused by the feeling of loss of control over one's life, the starting point to get it back all together is to learn as much about the disease and its treatment. A vague or a detailed approach to it as per one's preference can be taken, to at least generate a sense of control. The cancer support team can also provide the patient with the asked information.


Know all that you have to about cancer
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2. Let the feelings out

In order not to fall into a spiral of despair and loneliness, it is very important to let those feelings out which may engineer these feelings of doom. This outlet would, as opposed to the idea of being weak, showcase one's strength acknowledging the fact that it is very difficult to express powerful emotions related to grave affairs. A journal, the best friend or the kin - they can give one the strength he/she requires by letting him/her vent it all out while clarifying doubts and providing the necessary support.


There is nothing like sharing and talking about your fears
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3. Reach out to others

Feelings of isolation are normal when suffering going through cancer diagnosis. Unable to cope up with such a monumental change, people may shut off their loved ones when it is quite the opposite that they should be doing. Since it is very hard to handle cancer on one's own, patients should reach out to friends, family, or support organizations. Also, accept the help and encourage it

4. Anticipate possible physical changes

It is best if the patient starts to mentally prepare oneself for the possible physical changes that could be coming along the way as the treatment starts as soon as he/she is diagnosed. Whether it will affect one's appearance or the strength of a person, all probabilities should be considered. One can also ask doctor's or members of cancer support groups for tips.

5. Take care of one's well being

While being open to modify one's normal lifestyle, it is important that the patient takes care of his/her well being. With the doctor's permission, one can participate in some sort of mild exercising if one feels like it. A portion of one's time should be dedicated to indulging in things like music or art or books that give the patient a sense of joy or fulfillment. The patient should choose to ignore and let be the thing that he/she cannot control and rather focus on the things that he/she can like improving the standards of his/her life, prioritizing relationships, etc.

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6. Develop one's own dealing mechanism

With multiple preferences and experiences, every single cancer patient cannot have the same coping strategy. Just as the treatment is individualized, the dealing mechanism of a cancer patient should be too. Whether it is relying on a spiritual source or falling back on meditation or keeping a journal or visiting a therapist, one should try to alleviate their stress in the way that they know best.


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