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Everyday Products That Increase Our Risk Of Cancer: Replace Them Today!

Did you know? Your toothpaste can cause cancer. Read more to know some common things around us that are extremely carcinogenic.

Everyday Products That Increase Our Risk Of Cancer: Replace Them Today!

Cancer is one of the leading killers all across the world


  1. Birth control pills can cause breast cancer
  2. Car fumes release toxic gases which are cancerous
  3. Air fresheners contain numerous cancer causing chemicals

Cancer has been the leading cause of death all across the world. People living in countries which are more advanced are more prone to risks of cancer. The incidence of infectious disease has come down to a great extent with advancement in fields of medicine and healthcare. However, today, cancers in the lung and respiratory tract have become more popular. This has lead even the younger population developing cancer along with the aging population. Our diet and certain environmental factors play a huge role in terms of increasing our risks of cancer. It is shocking to know that somethings which we are so used to in our day-to-day lives, might actually cause cancer. Read more to know what they are:

1. Alcohol

Apart from risk to our cardiovascular health, alcohol consumption can also lead to cancer. Cancers of rectum, breast, esophagus and colon are the possible cancers one can develop through regular consumption of alcohol. Even 1 or 2 drinks in a day can increase risks of cancer.

This is because alcohol leads to production of stomach acids that damage the lining of gastrointestinal tract. There is also a possible to damage to DNA caused by alcohol consumption, which can lead to cancer. Alcohol triggers growth of liver cells and estrogen as well. This justifies the carcinogenic effect of cancer.

alcohol can cause cancerPhoto Credit: iStock

2. Granite marble

Many people prefer use of granite marble in their homes because they can be cleaned easily and are less likely to catch stains. However, granite emits radioactive gas radon, which can increase risks of cancer. It is almost impossible to detect this colourless and odourless gas. Radon gas is known to be the second most common cause of lung cancer.

granite marble emits radon gas

Photo Credit: iStock

3. Candles

Surprising as it may sound, candles can increase risks of cancer as they contain carcinogens and other compounds which are capable of growing inside homes. Blue-tinted white candles releases fumes as paraffin wax burns, which contain toluene, aldehydes, ketones carcinogens, along with other fossil fuel components. One can opt for bees wax soy candles as a replacement for them.

candles can cause cancer

Photo Credit: iStock

4. Air fresheners

While we do love coming back to refreshing and aromatic fragrance of air fresheners, the chemicals in air fresheners might not make us love them so much. Air fresheners make the air in our cars or homes more fragrant and pleasant but they make an equal contribution to polluting the air by masking unpleasant smells, while falsely making us feel more sanitised.

As it turns out, air fresheners contain certain chemical substances that make our nostrils incapable of recognising other smells.

Here are some chemicals that are a part of most air fresheners:

1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol: This chemical has a strong smell and can cause kidney and liver cancers.

Methyl pyrrolidone: California Proposition 65 has stated that this chemical has been included in the list of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity.

Acetaldehyde: A known carcinogen, acetaldehyde is a chemical which gives a fruity smell.

1,4-Dichlorobenzene: is another carcinogen which has the capability of numbing our sensory receptors.

Benzaldehyde: With the smell of almond oil, this chemical has been titled as hazardous by United States Environmental Protection Agency.

On adding these chemicals to fragrance and petroleum-based solvents, cancer causing concoctions are created. These concoctions can cause diseases like Alzheimer's.

As a replacement to air fresheners, one can opt for essential oil diffusers.

air fresheners have cancer causing chemicals

Photo Credit: iStock

5. Car fumes

Yes, car fumes, especially the ones emitted from diesel vehicles are cancerous. Fumes released from diesel vehicles are the reason why lung cancer is common among miners. The particulate matter in diesel fumes can cause asthma and lung cancer. For that matter, all kinds of fuels contain carcinogens. Diesel, petrol and even the petrol used in airplanes are derived from a distillation process. It is their combustion inside the engines that leads to release of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and benzene.

Benzene is one carcinogen which is capable of damaging the bone marrow. It can cause several types of blood cancer.

carr fumes emit cancer causing toxic gases

Photo Credit: iStock

6. Toothpaste

Toothpastes contain fluoride. The possible link of fluoride and bone cancer called osteosarcoma, is rarely highlighted, since there is very less conclusive evidence about it. Triclosan is another cancer-causing agent in toothpaste, which is added to garner dental hygiene. Exposure to triclosan for more than 6 months can cause hepatic tumours in rodents. This is probably the reason why many toothpaste companies are not creating their products without triclosan.

fluoride in toothpaste can cause bone cancer

Photo Credit: iStock

7. Cosmetics

Because of their external application only, cosmetics are considered safe. We all stay under the misconception that washing cosmetics at the end of the day gets them completely off our skin. But some cosmetic items, especially sunscreens, contain chemical benzophenone-3. This chemical can stay in the urine for several days after the use of sunscreen. This implies that sunscreen easily get absorbed in the body.

Other carcinogenic chemicals that are popularly found in cosmetics include formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and 1,4-dioxane.

cosmetic contain cancer causing chemicals

Photo Credit: iStock

8. Diet soda

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda contain saccharin, aspartame and cyclamate, which can lead to bladder cancer and brain tumours.

artificial sweeteners in diet soda are cancerous

Photo Credit: iStock

9. Hot tea

Drinking extremely hot tea can cause cancer of esophagus. It leads to physical damage on the lining of esophagus. This has been speculated as the possible reason why it may cause cancer. Thus, it is suggested to drink let your tea cool down for a few minutes and have it when it is mildly or comfortably warm.

extremely hot tea can damage esophagus

Photo Credit: iStock

10. Canned foods

Canned food is another convenient food option which can lead to breast cancer. The sealing of these metallic containers are made up of a plastic coating which contaminates the food with dangerous chemicals. It brings changes in the DNA and also causes hormonal changes which can result in breast cancer.

canned foods are cancerous

Photo Credit: iStock

11. Microwave popcorn

Convenient to make as they are, microwave popcorn might be causing some serious damage to your health. The coating of popcorn bags produces perfluorooctanoic acid, a carcinogen which can cause prostate and liver cancer.

microwave popcorn are cancerous

Photo Credit: iStock

12. Sunscreens

Most sunscreens contain zinc oxide as a common ingredient. This produces free radicals that can damage the DNA and create room for growth of cancer. Benzophenone-3 is another cancer-causing chemical in sunscreens, which has the tendency to get absorbed in the body.

sunscreens can cause cancer

Photo Credit: iStock

13. Burnt food

Overcooking foods, which is very likely to happen with grilled foods is not suggested as they can increase our risk of developing stomach, colon and pancreatic cancers. Excessive heating of protein-rich foods like chicken, fish and meat, causes conversion of amino acids into heterocyclic amines (HCA). HCAs are extremely carcinogenic. Furthermore, grilling the food is more dangerous and makes the food carcinogenic.

burnt food can cause cancer

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14. Birth control pills

Birth control pills have been linked with breast cancer, cervix and liver cancer. Moreover, abstaining from birth totally can also increase your risk of breast cancer. Having more than pregnancies and child births before turning 30 along with successful breastfeeding for a year has been proven to reduce breast cancer risks among women. Growth of breast tissues into a more matured form with the help of these activities makes them more resistant to cancerous changes in the body. 

birth control pills can cause breast cancer

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