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You Can Enjoy Pain Free Sex Post Menopause: Here's How

Your body changes a lot after menopause which has a direct impact on your sex life. Here's how you can continue to enjoy your sex life after menopause.

You Can Enjoy Pain Free Sex Post Menopause: Heres How

Yes you can enjoy sex after menopause, here's how


  1. Once menopause strikes, pain free sex looks like a myth
  2. Healthy communication with partner can be very helpful here
  3. Few changes in lifestyle, medication and a positive attitude can help

Once menopause strikes, pain free sex looks like a myth. After a woman reaches menopause, her body goes through a lot of changes, from hormonal fluctuations to dry skin, wrinkles, grey hair and a lot more. Another change is the contraction of vaginal tissues which causes is dryness, pain and burning around the area making sex very painful after menopause. Lowering oestrogen levels can be blamed too. They lead to a decrease in desire to mate and also reduce blood circulation to the vagina leading to lack of lubrication, which is a major reason behind painful sex.

Luckily, pain free sex after menopause is possible. What you need for the purpose is to overcome the shyness and speak up about your issues. Here's how you can overcome the issues of pain, dryness and lack of desire to mate after menopause.

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1. Use lubricants to relieve dryness

Vaginal dryness can cause great deal of discomfort, not just to women but to men as well. Due to age, medication or hormonal fluctuations, this occurs and can easily be dealt with by using lubricants. Avoid using oils and soaps and shower gels, they can cause dryness, instead, use soap-free cleaners. If you wish to use medicated products, opt for KY jelly, Sylk or Replens.

2. Oestrogen

This is one where the doctor recommends hormonal treatment for your ailment. A hormonal replacement therapy causes dryness in the vaginal area making pain free sex after menopause not possible. Instead, you can apply oestrogen locally, using an applicator. An oestrogen cream or tablets or even a oestrogen-releasing vaginal ring can be used for the purpose as oestrogen can induce lubrication naturally.

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3. Sex drive issues

After menopause, women lose the desire to mate with their partners and with issues like depression, anxiety and stress things just get worse. Healthy communication with partner can be very helpful here. In case you seek medical support, menopausal symptoms should be dealt. It affects indirectly by improving your general well-being and brings back your hormones thereby restoring sensations.

Pain free sex after menopause is an achievable goal, a few changes in lifestyle, minor medication and a positive and healthy communication with your partner is all you need!


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