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Menopause Symptoms: Increased Forgetfulness And Lack Of Attention Can Be The Signs Of Menopause, Says Study

Menopause symptoms: Due to hormonal imbalance a women may experience several unpleasant symptoms. Read here to know symptoms of menopause linked with your cognitive health.

Menopause Symptoms: Increased Forgetfulness And Lack Of Attention Can Be The Signs Of Menopause, Says Study

Menopause leads to symptoms like depression, increased urination, insomnia and more


  1. Menopause can lead to insomnia and weight gain
  2. Exercise regularly to promote hormonal balance
  3. Add supplements to diet if recommended by your doctor

Menopause marks the end of menstrual cycle in females. It usually begins between the ages of 40-50 years. This period can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms. Some of these include insomnia, weight gain, depression, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, headaches, increased urination, increased incidences of UTI and more. Menopause is a natural process which can be managed effectively with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Staying physically fit is an important step to stay healthy during menopause. A recent study has elaborated the symptoms of menopause. These symptoms are linked with the cognitive health of the woman.

Menopause symptoms: Forgetfulness and lack of attention

According to a recent study published in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society, menopause can affect cognitive performance in women. It further elaborated that forgetfulness and difficulty in processing complex concepts can be a stage of menopause. Additional research is needed to confirm the individual differences in cognitive changes, concludes the study.

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A healthy diet can help manage menopause symptoms
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How to manage menopause symptoms?

You can make these modifications to prevent symptoms from worsening-

1. Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly: If you are overweight, shed those extra kilos. Exercising promotes overall mood and hormonal balance. It will also help you ensure better sleep.

2. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol consumption: To control symptoms from worsening quit smoking and limit alcohol intake. It will also help prevent other health issues linked with these unhealthy practices.

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3. Add optimum nutrients to your diet: A healthy diet also helps in controlling menopause symptoms. It will also help in weight management. Your doctor may recommend supplements if required.

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