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Endometriosis Awareness Month: Here's How Endometriosis Affects Women's Health

Endometriosis is a condition that leads to painful menstrual cycle. It can lead to excessive bleeding and infertility in some cases. March is observed as endometriosis awareness month. Red here to know how it affects women's life.

Endometriosis Awareness Month: Heres How Endometriosis Affects Womens Health

March is observed as endometriosis awareness month


  1. Endometriosis is a painful condition that may lead to infertility
  2. The exact reason behind endometriosis is also unknown
  3. Endometriosis reduces the quality of life of a woman

Today's multi-tasking women are so occupied in striking a balance between their personal and professional lives that they often ignore their health. But such ignorance towards their health sometimes leads to serious issues like a common reproductive disorder like endometriosis. This condition leads to immensely painful periods with pelvic and lower back pain, pain during or after intercourse, excessive bleeding, digestive problems are some of the common symptoms. It's difficult to diagnose endometriosis because the condition is quite ambiguous. Some women will have no symptoms at all while others might have all of the above-mentioned symptoms but it can't be endometriosis all the time. The exact reason behind endometriosis is also unknown. There are several theories, but none explain all aspects of the disorder.

Endometriosis Awareness Month 2021: Know more about this condition

Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium, grows outside the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the vagina, the cervix, or even on the bladder or rectum. Since women aren't aware of the condition much, there is a delay in diagnosis of it. Thus, many women have to suffer from poor quality of life. Furthermore, early intervention is the key to manage this condition. Hence, a laparoscopy can be helpful in diagnosing this condition. But, if the condition is not diagnosed at the right time or if one fails to treat it then it can cause severe complications like infertility and swelling of the uterus. One may require medicines or surgery to deal with it and can further plan the pregnancy.

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Endometriosis often remains undiagnosed
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This is how endometriosis reduces the quality of life of a woman

Pain and dyspareunia can affect both, social and sexual aspects of a woman's life. Women with this condition may avoid having intercourse with their partners and that may take a toll on their relationship. Women may avoid having sex fearing pelvic pain. Hence, these things can affect their quality of life in comparison to the general population.

Not only this, women with endometriosis may have low self-esteem and the symptoms like dyspareunia and dysmenorrhea nnd may end up feeling lonely.

Endometriosis may also result in infertility and that, in turn, can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and even trauma. As a result, women will give up on socializing and experience mood swings.

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Laparoscopy and endometrial ablation is a gold standard treatment for moderate to severe endometriosis. Women with endometriosis can live normal life post-treatment.

(Dr. Manju Gupta, Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida)

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