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Lovneet Batra Throws Light On A Healthy Diet And Must-Have Pregnancy Foods 

Lovneet Batra highlights the importance of nutritional deficiency in pregnant women.

Lovneet Batra Throws Light On A Healthy Diet And Must-Have Pregnancy Foods 

Focus on having a wholesome healthy diet during pregnancy

Pregnancy could be an overwhelming experience for a woman and everyone associated with her. The body undergoes a lot of changes physically and mentally during this period. You have to be extremely careful how you are treating your body during this phase of your life. You must be extremely careful about your diet and consume food items that'll keep you and your baby healthy. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra is here to talk about maternal nutrition, which plays an important role when it comes to the health and wellness of the mother and the foetus. Lack of proper nutrition at this critical time may increase the risk of certain issues like gestational anaemia, hypertension, stress, foetal deaths, and maternal mortality.

What's the effect of nutritional deficiency on a mother's health?

According to Lovneet, pregnant women, who do not maintain a proper nutrition intake, can face various pregnancy complications. She states, “The ill-effects of nutritional deficiency during pregnancy also include the potential risk of developing anaemia, fatigue, infection, and neurological complications.” 

What are the effects of nutritional deficiency on the foetus or newborn?

Nutritional deficiency in women when they are pregnant may have adverse effects on the child's health as well. Lovneet adds, “Nutritional deficiency may result in adverse outcomes such as Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR), perinatal mortality, birth defects, underdevelopment of some organs, disorders (neurological, circulatory, intestinal and respiratory) and Cretinism (a congenital condition affecting the thyroid gland which results in a lack of coordination).”

Here are the benefits of pregnancy diet plans:

1) A proper diet plan will help pregnant women keep a check on what they are consuming. Also, quitting all unhealthy food habits is the first step toward a healthy pregnancy.

2) Eating healthy food items and making sure that your body is getting the required number of vitamins and nutrients will help pregnant women stay healthy and take care of the foetus.

3) Healthy and clean eating habits also helps women in preventing excessive weight gain and keeps them stress-free

What does a healthy diet during pregnancy lead to?

1) Easy pregnancy: It is quite common that you may crave junk food during pregnancy and having a little bit of it sometimes doesn't harm you. However, it's safe to stay within limits and be mindful of the quantities.

2) Increased energy levels: Instead of a heavy meal, you must focus on having a wholesome healthy diet during pregnancy. With this, you'll be able to deal with tiredness, fatigue, and gastric bloating as well.

3) Healthy foetal development: If you eat the right amount of nutritious food that includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, it will surely improve the development of your foetal.

4) Better sleep: Staying away from caffeine and taking proper sleep helps in pregnancy

5) Reduced risk of getting sick: A healthy diet includes everything right from fresh fruits and vegetables to other food items that ultimately reduce the risk of falling ill.

Here are the 5 most essential nutrients during pregnancy:

1) Folic acid: It is a vitamin B nutrient that is important when it comes to preventing various adverse effects of nutritional deficiency

2) Calcium: Calcium is required by the bones and if the mother is lacking it, the condition would affect the development of the foetus

3) Iron: Green leafy vegetables can help pregnant women boost their iron intake

4) Protein: This component helps in developing muscles. So, non-vegetarians can get it from meats, however, if you are vegetarian, make sure you compensate for the same with various pulses.

5) Vitamin D: This vitamin helps in absorbing calcium and thus, helps in the development of a baby's bones and teeth.

You must avoid making these mistakes while pregnant:

1) Do not assume that you must have to eat food for two people. The idea is to have balanced meals and stay hydrated. Never go overboard when it comes to food.

2) Even when you experience nausea or constipation, do not stop having iron supplements.

3) Never cut down the folic acid intake and some of the natural sources of the same include green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, orange juice, and milk.

4) Keep a check on the amount of calcium you are consuming because its deficiency or excess, both, can have negative consequences.

5) Do not skip meals

6) Do not go overboard with sugar and carbs. You may get pregnancy cravings however, do not resort to too much sugar or carbs.

7) Know how to manage hunger pangs the right way

Here are the 8 must-have pregnancy food items:

1) Sweet potatoes

2) Leafy vegetables and other vegetables

3) Fresh fruits

4) Milk and dairy products

5) Pulses and legumes

6) Eggs

7) Dry fruits and nuts

8) Bananas        


Hope these points help you out whenever you plan for a baby.

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