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Health and Wellness - Save a Life: Episode 76

PUBLISHED ON: Mar 31, 2023 | Duration: 24:28 Min

Medical emergencies like cardiac arrests are becoming far too common.  You can help someone in a medical emergency only when you are clear as to what is to be done in such a situation. If you are aware and informed, then you can  take steps to revive a person and Save his life.

Worldwide, millions of people die of sudden cardiac arrest every year. This is partly due to limited and sometimes ineffective bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Many adults in cardiac arrest can be revived with intact neurologic function if the bystanders provide immediate CPR. Raising public awareness and understanding of the practical applications of CPR is an essential strategy to increase CPR success in cardiac arrest cases.

It is even more important to learn about CPR if you have a loved one who has a history of cardiac disease; as research reports that the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home. Save a Life is an initiative through which people will be made aware of the early signs & symptoms of cardiac arrest so that patients can get to the hospital in time and also be trained on giving CPR if the need arises. Today, we have with us eminent cardiologists who can help you understand sudden cardiac death and the role of CPR to REVIVE and SAVE A LIFE.
Dr. Ashok Seth is among the best Interventional Cardiologists in India. He is Chairman of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. The Government of India, in 2003, awarded him the civilian honour of Padma Shri and in 2005, he received IMA NDB Life Time Achievement Award. Dr. Suhas Hardas is practising as a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Hardas Heart Care, Pune. Dr Hardas leaves no stone unturned when it comes to raising awareness about CPR. With a vision to empower people to save lives, he came up with the idea of Vardaan, a voluntary CPR training program which is  open to all. Over the past ten years, he has been very active in raising awareness and training in CPR. Recently, he has also launched an awareness program GIVE A WAY, this is  about bringing awareness among masses regarding the appropriate manner in giving a way to an ambulance stuck in the traffic because even a few minutes can cause an impact on a life.



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