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Health and Wellness - Save a Life: Episode 27

PUBLISHED ON: Nov 22, 2022 | Duration: 21:45 Min

As per the WHO census statistics, mortality due to cardiac causes has overtaken mortality caused by all cancers put together. The concerning change in recent times is that the onset of heart disease is now seen at a much younger age, especially in people who are in their 30s and 40s. The biggest reason for heart-related deaths is a lack of awareness as to what needs to be done in a cardiac emergency.

Every adult should know which conditions qualify as heart-related or medical emergency. The best one can do is to learn beforehand the actions required in case of a cardiac emergency. Life-saving techniques such as CPR give you the power to Save a Life. It has been proven that bystander CPR improves the rate of survival by almost 50%. It is even more important to know about this if you have a loved one who has a history of cardiac disease; as research reports that the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home. Save a Life is an initiative through which people will be made aware of the early signs & symptoms of cardiac arrest so that patients can get to the hospital in time and also be trained on giving CPR if the need arises.

Today, we have with us eminent cardiologists who can help you understand sudden cardiac death and the role of CPR to REVIVE and SAVE A LIFE.



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