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Health and Wellness - Save a Life: Episode 25

PUBLISHED ON: Nov 18, 2022 | Duration: 23:34 Min

Life is precious and valuable. And if we are able to revive someone's heart and save their life, it will give us great satisfaction. It is a sad but true fact that the number of people dying of cardiovascular diseases is steadily increasing in India. Most of these cardiac deaths occur suddenly and on the spot. These sudden cardiac deaths can be prevented if the affected people are given immediate medical attention and CPR.

The number of young patients suffering heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest is increasing at an alarming rate. Equally alarming is that sudden cardiac death can occur even in people who have no known history of heart disease. The risk is higher in patients with existing heart disease

Almost every family has at least one family member with a heart condition. What if you can save a life in emergency situations in some way? Yes, this is possible if you are well-trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Many adults who have suffered a cardiac arrest can be resuscitated with their neurological functions intact if bystanders perform CPR immediately. Raising public awareness of the practical application of CPR is an important strategy to increase the success of CPR in cardiac arrests. Save a Life is an initiative to make people aware of the early signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest so that patients can get to a hospital in time, and be trained on giving CPR if needed. Today we have with us renowned cardiologists who will help you understand sudden cardiac death and the role of CPR to REVIVE and SAVE A LIFE.



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