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Health and Wellness - Myths & Facts - Hormones: Episode 36

PUBLISHED ON: Dec 6, 2022 | Duration: 21:56 Min

In this episode the panellist of esteemed doctors talk about the endocrine network system of glands that produce and release hormones. These hormones are responsible for various functions in the body, from heartbeat to tissue growth to the creation of new life.

When people think about hormones, they probably think of the most common male and female hormones - testosterone and estrogen. However, children as well as adults produce many other kinds of hormones that affect every aspect of their health. The growth, development, moods, and even character formation of your child depends on his endocrine system. Hormones play an important role in regulating growth and development, cognition, metabolism, hunger/thirst, reproduction and sexual function. These processes are extremely important for the normal development of young children.

Hormonal imbalance in children can cause serious consequences. The burden and pattern of paediatric endocrine disorders are increasing worldwide. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can vary widely, as each hormone is responsible for its own role. Awareness of hormonal imbalance in children is not very high and therefore parents do not know much about the endocrine disorders either. Accurate knowledge will help parents to recognise the symptoms in time and to consult a doctor accordingly.

Our eminent endocrinologists provide medically accurate advice on preventing various endocrine conditions in children and help viewers identify long-term control strategies.



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