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Yes Maskne (Acne Caused By Face Masks) Exists And Heres How To Avoid It

Masks can be home to various bacteria and other microorganisms due to the sweating and warm they may cause on the face. Here's how to prevent Maskne.

Yes Maskne (Acne Caused By Face Masks) Exists And Heres How To Avoid It

Washing your face few times a day can help you avoid maskne caused by sweating, bacteria, etc.

Acne and breakouts due to masks or now being called "Maskne" can be a real issue. Wearing face masks, especially during summers can make this even worse. Masks when worn for long periods can lock in sweat and dirt, and along with it, bacteria and germs can cause your skin to break out. However, not opting to wear a mask is not a safe option. Here are a few tips to avoid and treat breakouts from face masks this summer. 

Do not reuse disposable masks

Even though some masks are disposable we tend to reuse them without releasing the adverse effects of doing so. Masks can be home to many germs and bacteria that can inhabit due to excessive sweating in winters. Hence, you should make sure not to use disposable masks for more than one trip outdoor or one day.

Wash reusable masks

Just like surgical or disposable masks, fabric masks can also be home to various kinds of viruses and bacteria. In fact, fabric-based masks can be even more absorbent of sweat, dirt, and other carriers of ailments. Hence, you must always wash your fabric masks after every use or at least once a day. Make sure to use a gentle and preferably scent-free detergent to avoid any irritation from the detergent as it might make your maskne worse.

Apply Vaseline

Vaseline has been found to be extremely effective in locking in skin moisture. Alongside moisturising, vaseline is also beneficial in locking skin pores. This can help the skin by acting as another layer of a barrier. This can help the skin avoid the inhabitance of germs and dirt from wearing masks for long periods in this weather. However, make sure to properly clean your face before applying vaseline. In case of the application over dirty or poorly cleaned skin, you might lock in the same germs and dirt. This can do more harm than good and can negatively impact your skin and cause more breakouts.

Proper before and after skincare routine

A regular morning and night skincare routine is essential in not only maintaining good skin but also cleaning out the dirt and germs that might have inhabited your skin from the long day of exposure. As much as it is essential to use a skincare routine that fits your skin type, you must also wash and moisturise your face every time you wear and remove a mask. This will help wash off the dirt and sweat on your face. Adding a moisturiser will help lock in your pores. This will prevent these harmful carriers from entering the pores of your skin. Regular use of toners for hydration, serums for moisturising, and sunscreen for UV ray protection can all help draw a layer of protection on your skin from the carriers of maskne.

In conclusion, regularly washing your face can keep away the viruses and bacteria from entering your eyes, nose, and mouth. This protects your skin from developing acne. Taking good care of your skin and washing it regularly can help protect it from maskne.

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