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Stop Making These Winter Skincare Mistakes Immediately

Skincare tips: Experiencing skin related issues this winter? Avoid these mistakes to prevent them.

Stop Making These Winter Skincare Mistakes Immediately

Dry skin is a common skin issue faced by many during the winter season

Your skin may become extremely dry as the temperatures drop and the air pressure changes, which can cause irritation, flakiness, and other skin issues. Also prone to injury from harsh winds is the skin's outer layer. In addition to external factors, indoor heating can cause water loss from the skin, which eventually damages the skin barrier and results in dull, damaged skin. 

With a few pointers, all of this can be conveniently avoided. You can have healthy, radiant skin all year long if you just watch out for wintertime skincare mistakes which many of us often make. Keep reading to make sure you don't make these skincare mistakes. 

Skincare: Avoid these mistakes in winter season

1. Showering in hot water

Skin oils are removed when we shower with hot water. You can create the ideal environment for lost skin lipids by combining harsh soaps. By enhancing skin circulation, hot water also feeds irritation. After taking a hot shower, that is why your skin appears red. Reduce the water's temperature and treat your winter skin gently. Or, take a regular hot shower and rinse through cooler water right before stepping out of the shower. 

2. Use the right moisturiser

Summer humidity causes your skin to lose less water. Winter completely drains the water. Skin that has had its lipids and proteins damaged is more sensitive. Select a moisturiser that contains oils to help replace lost lipids. Look for botanical oils like jojoba, sunflower, avocado, castor seed, coconut, ceramides, and squalane that help replace lost skin oils. Shea and cocoa butters are traditional emollients as well.

3. Using harsh cleansers

When bathing in the winter, please use mild cleaners. Use only mild foaming liquid hand soaps that completely rinse off since any soap residue left behind may continue to suck out lipids and harm skin protein long after you've towel dried your hands and left the sink.

4. Not staying hydrated

Water is a necessary component for all life forms to survive. Lack of hydration will manifest itself in the form of dry, tight, and flaky skin if your skin is not receiving enough water. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and has less resilience. To remove toxins from the body and maintain healthy skin, it is advised to drink at least 8 glasses (2 litres) of water daily. Dehydration will also lessen the likelihood that our lips will become chapped.

5. Not applying enough sunscreen

No matter how chilly the wind or dark the skies, UV radiation can harm the skin all year long by causing premature ageing, sun spots, and other problems. Many people wrongly believe that UV protection is not required in the winter because UVB rays, which enable the skin to tan, are not nearly as intense. Applying broad-spectrum sunscreen before to leaving the house is one method.

6. Not layering skincare properly

The most important thing to do first is to hydrate. Use a mild cleanser that is moisturising to wash your face. Micellar water should be used to clean the face for those who use makeup. The skin should then be lightly moisturised as the next step. Choose natural products with 24- to 72-hour hydration capabilities. Choose a cream-based moisturiser for dry to normal skin and a gel-based moisturiser for oily skin. Try to scrub and exfoliate as well. Sunscreen should be used after that, especially if you frequently attend brunches and daytime events.

Make sure you don't make these skincare mistakes in winter to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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