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Skincare: Can Biotin Help You Fight Skin Problems? Here's The Answer And Some Best Food Sources

Skincare tips: Multiple nutrients are beneficial for skin and can help you fight many skin issues naturally. Biotin is another vitamin that is beneficial for hair and nails both. Is it good for your skin as well? Here's how biotin can affect your skin and various food sources of biotin.

Skincare: Can Biotin Help You Fight Skin Problems? Heres The Answer And Some Best Food Sources

Skincare: Can biotin benefit your skin? Here's the answer


  1. Skincare tips: Some essential vitamins can boost your skin health
  2. Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for skin health
  3. Is also biotin also beneficial for your skin?

You might now that many factors affect your skin other than your skincare routine. Factors like diet, pollution levels and many other environmental factors affect your skin health. The food you eat can affect your skin in various ways. Highly processed foods and foods loaded with oil can cause skin issues. Whereas others loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins can boost your skin health and make your skin glow naturally. Similarly, biotin is another vitamin that is loaded with beauty benefits. Biotin is one of the B-vitamins which is also called vitamin B7. Biotin is beneficial for nails and hair health. But is it beneficial for your skin as well? Here's how biotins can affect your skin and some food sources.

Skincare: Benefits of biotin for skin

Dr. Nipun Jain explains, "Biotin is a part of B-Vitamins, which is a group of vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 and many more and biotin is one of them. Biotin is an essential vitamin for hair. Also, used for skin but majorly for hair. Biotin deficiency can also cause hair fall. It should be used in doses of 5-10 milligrams or even higher in supplements co-prescribed with multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, amino acids and iron that causes decrease in the hair fall. It can also be used for suppleness of the skin. It can be taken by eating vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs or supplements. "


Skincare: Biotin deficiency can cause minor skin issues
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According to studies and experts, biotin is more beneficial for hair and nails. One can deal with many hair issues with biotin like thin hair, split ends and hair fall. There is a lack of evidence which can clearly explain the benefits of biotin for skin. But one can face a few skin issues due to its deficiency.

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Food sources of biotin

Adding foods rich in biotin in your diet can help you fight hair and skin issues. Some of the best food sources include- spinach, mushroom, almonds, eggs, cauliflower, cheese, sweet potato, peanuts, walnuts, salmon, broccoli and dairy products.


Eggs and spinach are a great source of biotin
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Other health benefits of biotin

Biotin can provide you many other health benefits as well. Some of the noticeable health benefits include-

  • It can boost immunity
  • It can improve your heart health
  • You also fight inflammation with biotin
  • It also helps in diabetes management
  • It is beneficial for pregnant women

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(Dr. Nipun Jain, Consultant Dermatology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon)

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