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Struggling With "Maskne"? Follow Dermatologist-Recommended Steps To Prevent Them

Dr Kiran suggests a few changes that can help prevent breakouts. Follow these for healthy skin.

Struggling With "Maskne"? Follow Dermatologist-Recommended Steps To Prevent Them

Skincare tips: Wear less make up to prevent breakouts due to masks


  1. Maskne is a common skin issue faced by many
  2. You can reduce the layers of make up to prevent breakouts
  3. Stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy

The Covid-19 pandemic necessitated wearing masks as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus. And now, masks have become an essential part of our daily sartorial choices. However, many are experiencing acne breakouts, also known as "maskne" or mask acne. But that's something you can take care of if you follow some simple precautionary measures. In an Instagram post, dermatologist Dr. Kiran has shared simple ways in which you can avoid acne breakouts due to masks.

How to prevent acne due to masks

Among the simple steps that she has suggested, one she put rights on top of the list is to ensure your mask is clean and you use a fresh mask each time. "Make sure not to overdo any products on the area around your mouth," she writes in her post. 

Dr Kiran also suggests we change our masks every four hours and if it sweats, change the mask again. "A mask also traps humidity due to your breathing and sweating, which may increase the risk of acne. Another possible cause is friction. The material of a face covering can rub against your skin, leading to chafing and irritation."

The causes that Dr Kiran underlined included the sensitivity or allergy that you might have with the material used to make a mask. "Some masks are pretreated with chemicals or feel rough on the skin. Similarly, wearing a mask that's been washed in a scented detergent may cause irritation," she wrote in her post.  

She then suggested a four-step process to avoid maskne:

1) Wash your face regularly

2) Use a gentle cleanser

3) Use a non-comedogenic moisturiser

4) Take a break from makeup

"Cut down on your skincare layers... You don't want 10 steps. You don't more than 3-4 steps," she said. Finally, she said that if you are wearing a good mask, you don't have to use sunscreen on the area that the mask covers unless you are going to be out in the sun the whole time. 

"Remember to always wear your mask," she adds in her post.

On her Instagram profile, Dr Kiran regularly shares tips to keep your skin and yourself healthy. For instance, she recently talked about the truth of beauty cleanses, saying they weren't necessarily the best for your skin because fluctuating levels of sugar and other nutrients may cause more damage than good. She then explained that diet and skin go hand in hand. "If you eat well then your skin also responds to your good diet," she said.

Blue light exposure can cause rapid skin ageing, early wrinkling, early pigmentation, and collagen depletion from your skin cells. The dermatologist suggests a few simple tips to ensure your skin remains supple, young and retains its glow even as you work for hours in from of the screen. She suggests we invest in blue light filters for your phone and laptop screens. She said that sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will help your skin against blue light.  Dr Kiran said that face washes or face moisturisers that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid will help counter the harmful effects of blue light. Not to forget the importance of breaks; take breaks and reduce your exposure to blue light.

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