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Chapped Lips In Winter? Expert Lists Reasons And Solution

Dr Kiran Sethi shares the reasons behind chapping of lips in winter and what one can do about it.

Chapped Lips In Winter? Expert Lists Reasons And Solution

Dry weather can cause the lips to get dry and chapped

With the winter season in full swing, the cold can be quite demanding on the body. While dry skin is one of the most common issues during this season, the dip in temperatures can also be quite harsh on the lips. But once you know the reasons behind the cracking and dryness of lips, it is easier to take care of your lips. Now, Dr Kiran Sethi has listed several reasons that could contribute to the chapping of lips. Sharing a post on Instagram, the expert said, “Chapped lips are when your lips feel dry and cracked, or even burn or sting. While this can happen around the year, it is usually worse in the winter due to the weather.”

“What could be causing this dryness?” Dr Kiran Sethi added, before listing the reasons. 

  1. The expert said that “dry weather or dry air indoors” can cause the lips to get dry and chapped.
  2. Dry and chapped lips can also be caused “if you're not moisturising your lips properly.” So always keep a lip balm handy.
  3. Dry chips can also be a result of “harsh or drying products,” Dr Kiran Sethi added.
  4. Too much sun exposure is another reason for dry lips, the expert added.
  5. “If you excessively touch or pick your lips” you could be left with cracked lips, Dr Kiran Sethi added.
  6. Hydration is also an important aspect of healthy lips. “If you're not drinking enough water” your lips can be left dry.

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In another post, Dr Kiran Sethi spoke about what one must do if they spot a pimple developing on their face. In a post, the expert said, “Festive season is usually harsh on our skin with excessive makeup, unhealthy eating and wavering sleep schedules, all of which could worsen acne! So if you see a tiny red bump popping up, don't ignore it.”

Instead, Dr Kiran Sethi recommends applying a clean ice cube to soothe the pimple. Apply benzoyl peroxide on the spot, she said. Add Vaseline jelly on top, she added.

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The expert recommends treating your skin based on the requirement, the skin type and type of issue.


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