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Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Know About The Three Different Types Of Dark Circles And Their Causes

Dermatologist Dr Kiran says there are 3 types of dark circles. Here are the three types and their causes.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Know About The Three Different Types Of Dark Circles And Their Causes

Bad blood circulation, stress, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol consumption can lead to dark circles


  1. Dark circles are a common problem faced by many
  2. There can be several possible reasons behind dark circles
  3. Read here to know about the three different types of dark circles

A lot of people worry about developing dark circles without realising that worrying too much also contributes to this skin problem. The thing with dark circles is that the more your skin glows the more the dark circles will be visible. There could be several causes for dark circles developing on the face, ranging from bad nutrition, poor blood flow, the natural ageing process to genetics. Even the continuous use of smartphones can lead to this problem. Dr Kiran, a dermatologist, has shared an Instagram post detailing how many types of dark circles are there and how to eradicate them.

Skincare tips: The 3 types of dark circles and their causes

In the Instagram post, she said the under-eye area has a thinner skin tissue, which makes it more susceptible to pigmentation and loss of collagen. This causes eyes to appear hollow and deeper.

She also lists out the 3 types of dark circles:

1) Pigmented (P): This one appears as a brown hue under the eye. It can be caused by post-inflammation allergies, hyperpigmentation due to overexposure to sunlight, frequent rubbing of eyes and dermatitis.

2) Vascular (V), which appears as a blue/pink/purple hue with or without puffiness. It can be caused by bad blood circulation, stress, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, iron deficiency, dehydration, excessive consumption of salt and spices, and prolonged exposure to computers and smartphones

3) Structural (S): It appears as a shadow hue and is associated with lower eyelid bags and grooves. It can be identified as loss of fat with a bony prominence around the eye.

See Dr Kiran's post here:

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Follow these simple skincare routines by Dr Kiran for healthy and glowing skin.

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