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7 Things To Know About The Female Genitals

Know all about the mysterious organ that vagina is!

7 Things To Know About The Female Genitals

Vaginas are self cleaning


  1. Vagina is the female version of penis and scrotum
  2. Vaginas are self cleaning
  3. Yellow, green, or itchy vaginal discharge can be indicative of infections

The key to a successful sex life is knowing your partner as well as you can. And by knowing, we mean every little detail that you can possibly think of. Speaking of details, vaginas are something with which even women aren't familiar entirely. The organ, which plays a huge role in daily functioning, getting pregnant and sexual intercourse, is a body part worth understanding, even though you don't have it! Agree or not, we all have had multiple thoughts about vagina and its possibilities.

So here are few things which all men must know about vaginas:

1. It's the female version of penis and scrotum

Clitoris actually develops from the same area of an embryo (called the genital tabernacle) as a man's penis. Surprised? Then you might also like to hear that vagina has around 8,000 sensory nerve endings, whereas the tip of the penis has about 4,000. Embryos also have genital swellings, which develop into the scrotum in males and the labia majora in females.

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2. The G-spot

Is it a myth? Is it a reality? The g-spot has always been a debatable topic among experts. Those who believe it say that it is a small spot located on the front wall of the vagina, about 2 to 3 inches from the opening. On the other hand, there are researchers who believe that G-spot is an extension of the nerves of the clitoris. While we can't claim about of any of the above, what can claim is that German physician Ernst Grafenberg, described G-spot being significant to sex.

3. Discharge

Vaginal discharge is made up of secretions from the vagina that is helpful in cleaning and moistening it. From being thick and white (beginning of menstrual cycle) to being clear and stretchy (ovulation) or watery (various times in the city), discharge changes multiple times during a woman's monthly cycle. Even the colour of the discharge varies throughout the cycle, where it can be slightly brown (when the vagina is cleaning up after period), and yellow, green, or itchy as a sign of infection.

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4. It is self-cleaning

There are certain glands in the vagina which produce fluid tha helps in flowing out of dead cells and discharge. The folds of the vagina are also helpful in protecting it against infections. The skin of folds has glands that produce sebum which offers added protection against infections. One should avoid cleaning vaginas with soap or by douching since it may wash protective fluids.

5. Why they smell?

Experts have often termed vagina as a garden, which has several things growing down there, microbiologically. Even healthy vaginas are likely to smell because of yeast and several other kinds of bacteria. Besides, sexual intercourse, sweating, menstrual cycles and even your diet can be responsible for vaginal odour.

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6. Why women pee after sex?

Since the anus is extremely close to the vagina, there are a lot of chances that faecal bacteria getting closer to the urethra. This bacteria can further make its way to the bladder. It can cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) which causes pain and inflammation. Hence, peeing right after sex helps women prevent the spread of faecal bacteria to the bladder.

7. Penis captivus

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Penis captivus is a situation where the penis gets stuck in the vagina. The condition can be extremely rare and might last for only a few seconds. But there are possibilities of this happening. It's believed this phenomenon occurs because of contraction of vaginal muscles during orgasm.


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