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Is Your Child Away From Home? Heres How They Can Stay Healthy

Pooja Malhotra agrees that as a parent, you are constantly worried about your childs health if they are away from home.

Is Your Child Away From Home? Heres How They Can Stay Healthy

Encourage them to plan their meals properly

Is your child living away from home? Are you someone who is worried about your child's health? If yes, then we have some updates for you. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra shares a few pointers in this regard. In a video on Instagram, Pooja mentions, “As a parent, we are constantly worried about our child's nutrition, especially if they are studying in a different city or country.” She adds that access to fresh, home-cooked food is limited and kids neither have the time nor inclination to prepare meals by themselves. Also, to worsen matters, they are spoilt for choice by delicious, ready-to-eat, processed options in superstores. They would obviously be more inclined towards something that's easily prepared and doesn't take much time or effort.

However, the nutritionist says that eating such foods laced with preservatives and other hidden ingredients like sugar regularly results in various health issues like weight gain, poor immunity, and hormonal imbalances to name a few. How do you prevent these health problems? Pooja states that the good news is that with a little bit of planning, it is possible to enable and empower your children to follow these:

1) Make your children learn to make better choices from hostel and restaurant menus

2) Encourage them to plan their meals properly

3) It's important that your children know how to prepare basic meals whenever they are away from home

4) Children who are away from home must know which food items to buy and what to avoid. Buying and stocking foods smartly are something one needs to learn for healthy living.  

As a concluding note, Pooja writes, “If you shop right, you would eat right. I too am a parent of a child studying away from home. Over the past year, my child has learned to prepare basic meals, stock smart and choose wisely from hostel mess and restaurant options.”

Take a look:

So, are you already gearing up to train your child on the different parameters mentioned by Pooja Malhotra?

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