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Mumbai In The Deadly Grip Of Swine Flu, 250 Cases In One Month!

16 cases have been reported in just two day span and the figures have visibly doubled up from the previous report

Mumbai In The Deadly Grip Of Swine Flu, 250 Cases In One Month!

Swine flu spreads at an alarming rate in Bombay


  1. Coastal regions of the country has been worst affected by the flu
  2. 110 cases were reported between June 23 to 26
  3. Pregnant woman, children and the old are at a higher risk

The H1N1 or the swine flu virus has begun to engulf Mumbai at fast pace with 16 cases being reported by the Civic Health Department in the short span of a day. The sudden rise is being attributed to the unprecedented temperature fluctuation in the city leading up to problems like sore-throat, and dementia. The coastal regions of the country has been worst affected by the flu in the recent times due to high moisture content in the atmosphere and insufficient medications to save people from the viral attack. Another previous report had some shocking information on the rise in the swine flu cases in south west coast of India.

Surprising Figures

As per recent statistics, the death toll has increased to 5 in the city in just the month of July with a four year old kid being the latest victim of the deadly virus. Mumbai has recorded over 250 cases in just July and the total count from January this year has reached to 672. The number of cases surfacing in Maharashtra have reached 874 so far, with 22 deaths from the flu. 

Public health officials are attributing the cause of deaths to a delay in oseltamivir treatment for the patients. 

The flu trap figures, as reported by the BMC and the Civic Health Department, reveal that about 110 cases were reported between June 23 to 26 and as much as 18 cases were recorded in just two days. The previously recorded figures were lower than the recent reports with an average of only 2 cases in a day. Swine flu has particularly affected the people living in Bombay and the north-western regions of Karnataka and Kerela.

Causes and Symptoms

BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) has asked people to take necessary precautions to prevent the rise of the virus in the city. It said that the major reason behind the exponential rise in swine flu cases is the temperature fluctuation and high moisture content in the atmosphere. The high moisture content and sudden change in temperature facilitates the growth of H1N1 virus at a cellular level in the human body.

The signs and symptoms of this deadly infection are sore throat, fever, headaches, body pain, and a running nose. Swine flu can also lead to serious health problems like pneumonia. Doctors have advised Mumbaikars to immediately visit their nearby health centers if any of the above symptoms are seen.

People with high risks

Pregnant woman, children and the old are at a higher risk. The virus first attacks the lungs and rapidly infects the throat causing a seemingly normal flu. This aggravates faster in the patients suffering from Tuberculosis and Diabetes and those with any immuno-deficiency syndrome. Moreover, the pregnant woman and children (particularly below 8 years) need to take extra precaution during this period because they are easy routes for contamination. "I have seen three children with swine flu so far. While one got the infection from an aunt, the other two have got it at their school," said Dr Pankaj Parekh, pediatrician, Bhatia Hospital who cautioned against ignoring breathing difficulties.

There are many anti-viral drugs available in the market which can prevent the virus but it should be taken after consulting with the Physicians. The most commonly used pill is the Tami-flu which should be taken within 48 hours of the first flu symptoms. However, antibiotics don't work with swine flu because it is not a bacterial infection.

(Inputs from PTI)

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