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Kerala: Infectious Virus Continues To Claim Lives In The State

According to the medical reports, raging viral fever in the state has claimed around 243 deaths in the past one and a half month.

Kerala: Infectious Virus Continues To Claim Lives In The State

The viral infection grips the state claiming 9 lives in a day


  1. 243 confirmed cases of dengue in the state
  2. 26,744 viral fever cases were recorded on Tuesday
  3. 19 deaths due to leptospiroses

Raging  viral fever in Kerala has led to 243 fever deaths in the past one and half month compelling the authorities to look into the existing healthcare facilities in the State. Going by the normal pattern in the State's medical history, the infectious diseases epidemic should have shown downturn trend by now. However, the figures have been unexpectedly scaling up with at least nine to ten people dying on daily basis following fever and related illnesses. Of the five dengue deaths reported so far, two came from Thiruvanathapuram and one each from Alappuzha, Thrissur and Malappuram.

The Directorate of Health Services also reported one fever death from Malappuram, one leptospirosis and H1N1 death each from Palakkad and Pathanamthitta respectively. As per the medical reports, 26,744 viral fever cases were recorded on Tuesday. Out of those, 686 were suspected and 243 were confirmed cases of dengue. Apart from this, there were 19 leptospiroses and three H1N1 cases on Tuesday.

Confirmed Cases of Dengue

According to the medical reports, the confirmed dengue cases reported in the State  in 2017, now stands at 12,036 and dengue death, 22. As many as 44,071 cases are marked as 'probable dengue' and another 137 deaths are suspected to be because of prolonged dengue fever.

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Leptospirosis Deaths on the rise

Palakkad reported a Leptospirosis death and a six-year old succumbed to H1N1 in Pathanamthhita. A total of 25,827 persons sought treatment for viral fever in various government hospitals on Tuesday. The number of confirmed dengue cases reported on Tuesday was 243.

Around 100 cases of dengue have been reported in Thiruvanathpuram, 46 form Kollam and 15 cases each from Alpuzzha, Thrissur, and Wayanad and 10 from Kozhikode.

Out of all, six cases of leptospirosis and eight cases of malaria-including two indigenous cases at Nadakkavu, Kozhikode- were also reported.

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