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Know The Importance Of Discussing Erectile Dysfunction With Your Doctor

Erectile dysfunction is often an ignored problem which may affect mental and emotional well-being of the couple if not addressed on time. Read here to know how the need to discuss it with your doctor.

Know The Importance Of Discussing Erectile Dysfunction With Your Doctor

Creating awareness about erectile dysfunction can help men seek medical help on time


  1. Erectile dysfunction is often an ignored problem
  2. A counselling session can help seek medical support for ED
  3. Smoking puts you at a risk of erectile dysfunction

Today the world celebrates Valentine's Day. You must know 14th of February is also observed as National Impotence Day. This day tries to raise awareness on Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Often a sexual problem like Erectile Dysfunction is stigmatised which makes it harder to discuss such health issues and seek the required treatment. Erectile dysfunction is often an ignored problem which may affect mental and emotional well-being of the couple. Couples usually feel shy to directly reach out to an expert and rely on internet which can further load them with misinformation and affect the relationship their partner

A counselling session is helpful in reducing the reluctance in taking medical support for ED while guiding the couple on improving their sexual communication and skills. A counsellor can also educate the couple on assistance like penile injections or a vacuum constriction device but at some point, a patient can also reach out to an urologist for proper treatment.

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Uncontrolled stress is one of the risk factors of erectile dysfunction
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Today healthcare technology is so advanced that men suffering from ED have a plethora of options from medicines and injections to surgical implants, based on their condition. However, for a section of men whose condition go beyond such treatments, can consult urologists to help them get an implant to achieve an erection. Alternatively, there are also external devices available in the market such as penile rings and vacuum pumps to get erections. These implants are manually positioned whenever the person wants to have an intercourse. Such procedures are safe and do not interfere with orgasm or ejaculation allowing the person to feel natural. However, patients are prescribed to refrain from lifting heavy items for at least one month. But one should first consult an expert before using these as the severity of the condition will ultimately dictate which treatment modality is needed.

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To deal with this problem your doctor may recommend a few lifestyle modifications. Poor diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, excess alcohol consumption, uncontrolled stress or relationship issues may also increase the risk of ED. So, your doctor may recommend you to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, manage stress, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and solve relationship issues along with medication.

(Dr Sanjay Pandey, Head of Uro-Andrology at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai)

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