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Weight Loss: Get Your Core Engaged With This Abs Challenge By Celebrity Fitness Expert

Weight loss: The fitness trainer shared 5 routines for the abs. Try these exercises at home to shed belly fat.

Weight Loss: Get Your Core Engaged With This Abs Challenge By Celebrity Fitness Expert

Weight loss: Try this ab workout to get a toned physique


  1. A strong core is the foundation of every workout
  2. A core workout is more than just toned abs
  3. Try this challenging workout by fitness expert

Replacing that layer of flab around the midriff with fabulous and photogenic abs has surely been on the checklist of many at some point. Workout regimes promising flat abs and a strong core have always been appealing. Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who never fails to push her Instafam to take up those dumbbells and get working on their physique, just dropped another snippet of her exercise routine. “7 days, 7 different exercises, 7 different body parts,” this has been Yasmin's mantra for the week.

Weight loss: Try these ab exercises at home

On Day 3, Yasmin shared 5 different routines to work on the abs. She captioned the post, “Let's work those Abs.”

Here are the 5 workouts that Yasmin suggested:

1) Butterfly Sit Up Punches (20 repetitions)

2) Static Db Crunch with Bicycle (20 repetitions)

3) Weighted Crab (20 repetitions)

4) Russian Twist ( 20 Repetition )

5) Reverse Plank Alt Knee Tuck (20 repetitions)

Watch the video here:

Just like every other time, Yasmin suggested the dos and don'ts to be followed in order to get maximum benefit out of the workout routine. She suggested that abundant water, nuts, fruits, vegetables are to be included in the diet. She advised her followers to avoid alcohol, soda, pasta, red meat, dairy and sugar.

With a healthy lifestyle and a dedicated workout routine, a toned physique with great abs is just a few days away.

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