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World Healthy Day 2021 Focuses On 'Building A Fairer, Healthier World': All You Need To Know

World health Day 2021: Observed on every 7 April, the world health day tries to focus on the theme allotted for each year. Here's the theme for the year 2021 and its significance.

World Healthy Day 2021 Focuses On Building A Fairer, Healthier World: All You Need To Know

World Health Day was first organised in the year 1950


  1. 7th April is observed as World Health Day
  2. This year it tries to promote better health for everyone
  3. World Health Day was first organised by WHO

World Health Day is observed on 7 April each year. Every year a specific theme highlights the priority area of concern. The World Health Day 2021 will be observed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The day was first organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the year 1950. Through this day the organisation focuses and creates awareness on a specific health concern each year. In the past few years, it has focused on mental health, maternal and child care and climate change. Through different social campaigns and various activities, this day is used as an opportunity to create global attention.

World Health Day 2021: Theme, significance and much more

The theme for world health day 2021 is building a fairer, healthier world for everyone.

According to WHO, The COVID-19 pandemic has undercut recent health gains, pushed more people into poverty and food insecurity, and amplified gender, social and health inequities. This World Health Day, we're calling for action to eliminate health inequities, as part of a year-long global campaign to bring people together to build a fairer, healthier world.

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Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone is the theme for the World Health Day 2021
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The theme of World Health Day 2021 highlights that some groups all over the world struggle to meet basic health facilities. Not just health facilities but have limited access to food, safe environments, clean water and much more. After the pandemic, these situations have become worse. So, the WHO invites leaders that can help ensure better living and health for everyone.

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(with inputs from WHO website)

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